human resources

Our Human Resources Policy

The main objective of our group, whose the most important capital is human resources, is to be an institution for our employees to be proud and happy of being a part of the team, which is qualified, successful in human relations, reliable, with high level of education.

We are aware of that sustainable growth can only be achieved by the contribution of our employees. For this reason; we aim to bring the people, who are able to think strategically, proactive, open to innovation, with high potential business and personal development, responsible, successful in teamwork to our family. To enlarge our group by developing people, who joined to our team, via continuing education programs, effective performance management, career planning and reward systems constitute our basic philosophy. In this context we act in regard;

  • To be a preferred institution in the health sector and make this position permanent,
  • To implement human resources policies that can provide contribution to the employees and institution on the road to target,
  • To employ new people to maintain and develop the corporate values with competency-based recruitment process,
  • To create results-oriented organization by creating employees with high knowledge, skills and experience that supports this structure in every step,
  • To follow a fair, competitive, correct salary and fringe benefits policy,
  • To prepare education plans specific for professional and personal development needs of the employees,
  • To develop approaches that strengthen the motivation and commitment of employees,
All employees in our group have equal rights. The features of our employees such as nationality, religion, ethnic origin, gender, disability, political opinion and age discrimination is considered as human resources wealth of our group.