Patient Guide

Patient Guide

Complaint Policy
Complaint Policy

All opinions and suggestions provided by our patients are very valuable to us.

These opinions are carefully evaluated by our relevant department managers and contribute to improving our service quality day by day.

Decisions and results taken after the evaluation are reported back to the patient who reported to the department.

The Right to Religious Observance

Within the framework of hospital health and safety rules, all Liv Hospital international patients have the right to practice their religious beliefs and to request the attendance of a clerical, religious or spiritual figure in line with their beliefs.

The Right to Know the Hospital Rules and Regulations

Patients have the right to be informed about all existing rules and regulations that apply at Liv Hospital, and to have them explained if requested.

Hospital rules and regulations are primarily concerned to maintain and ensure the health and safety of patients, visitors and hospital employees.

The Right to Recourse and Complaint

The Liv Hospital group’s principles, as well as Turkish Law, grant all Liv Hospital patients the right to make complaints concerning patient rights at the Liv Hospital.

All Liv Hospital international patients have the right to make comments, suggestions and complaints, to have them properly considered by the appropriate hospital authorities, and to be informed of the result of their review.

If the hospital administration is unable to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the patient, the patient has the right to issue that complaint to the head of the local administration.

The Right to Social and Psychological Support

Liv Hospital is sensitive to the fact that international patients may require extra support as they are away from their home countries and environment. Within certain unavoidable health or safety constraints, Liv Hospital international patients have the right to wear their own clothes, to perform their cultural and religious observances freely, and use whatever symbols they wish.

Liv Hospital patients have the right for additional psychological support as required, including the right to have accompanying person(s) with them, as long as there are no health or safety constraints at any particular time.

The Right to Know the Costs

Liv Hospital international patients have the right to demand and receive a detailed invoice with respect to payments for the health services he or she will receive. Patients always have the right to ask for information about the costs of their treatment from the International Office.

The Right to Reject Treatment

Liv Hospital patients have the right to reject or stop treatment or surgery except in exceptional legal cases, as long as the consequences and risks of rejection are fully explained to the patient or his / her official representative or next of kin. In such a case, the patient will be asked to sign a form confirming their rejection.

Upon signing this form, the patient is normally discharged from the hospital.

The patient has the right to recommended treatment or surgery, even if he or she has previously rejected it: a previous rejection can in no circumstances be used as a reason not to provide that treatment in the event that the patient subsequently consents to it.

The Right to a Second Opinion

All patients have the right to demand a second opinion from another doctor either within Liv Hospital, or externally (though there may be an extra cost incurred in such cases). In the event that the doctor responsible for the patient’s treatmentaccepts a second opinion, then treatment or surgery is carried out at the hospital where the patient is staying.

The Right to Consent

Patients will firstly be given full information from the concerned medical specialists about their diagnosis and recommended treatment or surgery, its probability of success, risks, recovery time and other information required for the patient to make an informed decision.

The patient then has the right to make his or her own decision about whether to consent to the medical advice they have received, unless there are exceptional legal or ethical compulsions.

If an emergency occurs in which the patient is not in a condition to consent and the consent of next of kin or an accompanying person is required, and that person cannot be reached or consent otherwise obtained, then the required treatment or surgery may be carried.

The Right to Communication

Liv Hospital international patients have the right to communicate and be informed in their own language, or a language that they understand. Translation and interpreter services are provided by the Liv Hospital International Office, with each patient being designated a Recovery Specialist in order to ensure international patients have a complete understanding of their diagnosis and treatment, as well as to assist any accompanying persons.

The Right to be Informed

In very exceptional circumstances, a professionally and carefully considered medical reason may exist temporarily to restrict some information to the patient. Except in such circumstances, Liv Hospital patients have the right to be given full and understandable written and verbal information on:

  • Their probable or confirmed diagnosis
  • The advantages, disadvantages and risks of recommended treatment or surgery
  • The risks of rejecting such treatment or surgery
  • Alternative methods of treatment or surgery
  • Their medical records (that must be kept by law)
  • All medicine and materials for which the patient is being charged
  • Results of laboratory examinations and tests X-ray films
  • Prescription medicine, material and equipment that is purchased outside the hospital

The patient has the right to demand not to be informed about their diagnosis or treatment, or to demand that other people not be informed (family members etc.). This demand will be respected, except in cases where there is a legal requirement to inform.

The Right to Determine Who Cares for You

As an international patient, it is important that you feel comfortable with those caring for you. You have the right to know the identity, professional position, qualifications and duties of those who are caring for you.

Patients have the right to request a change of the member of staff caring for them, or demand another doctor’s consultation, in line with legal provisions that apply in such cases. Patients who exercise this right may incur an extra cost, depending on the exact circumstances

The Right to Privacy

Liv Hospital patients have the right to choose whether they wish to receive visitors at any particular time, unless the visitor is connected with an official health body relating to the patient’s treatment and care.

Patients have the right to privacy during medical examination and consultation, with sessions being conducted in a closed environment that cannot be overheard or observed.

Confidentiality is a fundamental patient right, and central to the relationship between patient and doctor. All patients’ personal and health condition information is kept confidential. Such information can only be disclosed with the express consent of the patient or through the decision of a court of law.

All patients have the right to maintain the privacy of their private lives: medical staff may only request information in this respect to the extent that it is required for effective diagnosis, treatment and care.

Financial and payment information regarding the patient’s treatment is confidential.

The Right for Respect and Consideration

Liv Hospital patients have the right to be treated with respect, Liv Hospitality and consideration.

Hospital employees must deal with any complaints or disagreements within the framework of Liv hospital policies and standards of behavior, and the patient has the right to have any such situation handled at a higher level of authority, if required.

The Right to Health Care Services and Advice

All Liv Hospital international patients have the right to benefit fully from Liv Hospitals’ examination, diagnostic, treatment and health care facilities, in line with medical rules and principles.

Liv Hospital patients have the right to preventive and protective health information and advice on such issues as the health of mother and baby, malaria, tuberculosis, health education, contagious diseases and environmental health.