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Don't be Afraid of Lymphoma Cancer!

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Lymphoma, known as lymph cancer in the general public, is a cancer of the lymph nodes. It manifests by enlarged lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are not palpable and their growth is unnoticeable in the absence of a harmful stimulant in the body. Lymph nodes form a system that surrounds neck, arm pits, groin and vessels. Liv Hospital Hematology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yenerel said ‘’40 years ago only 40% of the patients survived with lymphoma treatment, however, this rate is well above 85% today’’.


‘’Wait- watch strategy’’

Highlighting that lymphoma has 30 sub-types, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yenerel states that, in some cases, lymphoma is only followed-up without any necessity for treatment. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yenerel said “Disease progresses rapidly for cases. 40 years ago, approximately 40% of the patients survived with lymphoma treatment, today our we can have very successful results in 85%, even 100% of the cases”. In addition to lymph nodes, lymphoma can also be seen in tonsils, spleen, liver and intestines. Lymphoma can have slow, moderate and rapid progression, and it is classified based on disease progression rate. Lymphoma types with rapid progression can manifest with lymph node growth, as well as sweating, weight loss, fever and fatigue. Slow progressing lymphoma types can be closely monitored with a “wait and watch strategy” for years until the lymph nodes cause compression on organs.

Highly successful results with lymphoma treatments

Although the main cause is not clear, lymphoma is known to be affected by contact with pesticides, radiation and environmental conditions, and also has a direct relation with AIDS. However, today, lymphoma treatment can provide extremely successful results. Lymphoma is no longer a terrifying disease thanks to early diagnosis and personal treatment methods. Target-oriented smart drug therapies gradually increases the recovery rates.

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