Breast Aesthetics

For many women, breast reconstruction is a good way to make themselves feel better and make a fresh start to life. It is easier and more recent surgical procedures for women who choose breast reconstruction. One of these new surgical techniques is called single stage breast reconstruction.


Breast Reconstruction Options

  • There are different ways to repair the nozzle. Breast reconstruction can be performed using one's own body tissue, breast implants or by using a combination of own tissue and a breast implant. The method you choose with your doctor depends on a variety of factors, including:
  • Your health and lifestyle
  • Your body type
  • Your breast size
  • Your personal preference
  • Amount of remaining tissue and skin
  • Using Your Own Tissue for Breast Reconstruction / Latissimus Dorsi Flap

One of the methods that allows the repair of the tissue in the individual's own breasts is called a latissimus dorsi flap. During this procedure, a piece of skin and muscle on your back or under your arm is taken and you are brought to the breast area where it is used to repair your breasts. Because the skin and back of your back is normally quite thin, this method is sometimes used with a breast implant to give your new breasts a fuller shape. Nowadays, it is the most preferred reconstruction surgery that results in the shortest time.

Breast Reconstruction with Implants

During a mastectomy, the surgeon removes skin and breast tissue and makes the breast tissues flat and taut. Before a long-term implant is inserted, the breast tissue should be expanded to accommodate the implant. This process is called tissue expansion. Typically it can be done in two or single steps.

Two Stage Breast Reconstruction

A two-stage breast reconstruction with implants is a very popular option. This procedure can be performed at the same time as a mastectomy or at a later stage (late).

What is Mastectomy?

Mastectomy is the removal of breast tissue due to cancer or precancerous cell development. The amount of tissue taken during a mastectomy is not always the same. The size and stage of cancer depends on the type of body and personal preferences.

Breast Reconstruction Timing

Breast reconstruction can be performed during the same operation with mastectomy. This is called early reconstruction. It can be performed weeks, months and even years after mastectomy. This is called late reconstruction. Depending on your personal circumstances, you can decide which method is best for you with your doctor.
Early reconstruction: The advantage of early breast reconstruction is that the breast is repaired during mastectomy during the same operation. Thus, an operation and recovery period is passed.
Late reconstruction: the advantage of late reconstruction is that it allows to focus first on cancer recovery and to regain strength. Late reconstruction allows time to review options and to make informed and accurate decisions about breast reconstruction.


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