Liv Hospital Vadistanbul

Robotic Surgery

While developing technology facilitates every aspect of life, it also brings solutions in diseases that seem impossible to cure in the field of health. Robotic surgeries aim to achieve the best results and high patient comfort.

Robotic surgery, which is considered to be the highest point of surgery, is performed successfully in many operations in Liv Hospital Istanbul Ulus.

In Liv Hospital Robotic Surgery Center, major operations such as general surgery, gynecology, urology and cardiac surgery are performed successfully.

Robotic Surgery System

The Robotic System (consisting of a binocular, optical camera and three robotic arms) consists of a robotic tower and the console under the control of the surgeon, which is the control region of the three robotic arms, giving a high-resolution 3D image of the operation area. The device provides a 3D image with binocular, a true depth field for the control of hands (left) via binary optics (right). Robotic surgical systems facilitate surgeons' work with groundbreaking robotic technology and offer patients the chance to return to normal life faster. It increases surgical ability with thin and light arms. It offers important advantages for patients compared to traditional open surgeries; such as rapid healing in a short time, less pain, cosmetic comfort with small incisions and minimal blood loss.

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