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Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

An aesthetic-looking nose can elevate the way you look, the way you perceive, and the way you live the life you lead. A rhinoplasty nose surgery is a type of plastic surgery that modifies the shape and size of the patient's nose by rearranging the cartilage that makes the shape of the nose. It is one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery and primarily caters to aesthetics, but it also helps the patient breathe and live better. Rhinoplasty definition is getting more prominent with developing technologies that go into more precise operations, assisting doctors in finding the perfect ways to make magic happen.

Why do you need a Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty nose surgery is a relatively straightforward process when you look at it, but it is considered a major surgery. It needs expertise and precision because it involves delicate changes to get the aesthetic uplift you want. It is catered towards facilitating specific requirements. Here are some reasons you may consider a nose job or surgery: 

Congenital Abnormality

This is a medical condition in which an individual is born with an abnormality of the body that affects the affected individual's physical structure, function, or metabolism. Few genetic factors, environmental factors, or a combination of both can cause these abnormalities. They vary between minor and severe, impacting the quality of life in many ways. With the right doctors in Istanbul, you can find the guidance you need to find a solution to this issue.

Aesthetic appeal

Commit to improving your physical appearance as a part of self-care and personal development. This procedure can reshape, reduce or augment the size of the nose, remove bumps and humps, refine the tip or bridge of the nose, and correct any other deformities. By opting for a Rhinoplasty in Turkey, you'll get the proper attention to get you perfection.

Deviated Septum

A deviated septum is when the nasal septum, the wall that separates the two nostrils, is displaced from its normal position. This displacement can cause difficulty in breathing and other symptoms such as frequent nosebleeds, headaches, and sinus infections. Treatment for a deviated septum typically involves surgery to correct the displacement of the nasal septum, which can also alleviate symptoms such as sleep apnea and snoring. This is considered a closed rhinoplasty as the doctor is working on the internal part of the nose.

Facial Fracture

The treatment can remedy a wide range of issues, from correcting the shape of the nose to repairing broken bones. The process includes modifying the dimensions and contour of the nose by altering the bone and cartilage structure.

What are types of nose surgery?

A rhinoplasty can be a transformational surgical procedure for someone to go through. It can improve breathing, correct deformities, and enhance your appearance. There are three main types of rhinoplasty Turkey offers with expertise:

Closed Rhinoplasty

It's also known as endonasal rhinoplasty. It's performed by making incisions inside the nose by restructuring the nose to the desired shape and size. A closed rhinoplasty is often a go-to surgery for people requiring a minor reshaping. It is less invasive and results in less swelling during the healing period.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

When the deformities are smaller than the ones that need surgery, doctors can recommend a non-surgical rhinoplasty. It has lesser complications because it is an alternative that is not surgery. It is also called liquid rhinoplasty because it involves injecting dermal fillers into specific areas of the nose to reshape it instead of disturbing the cartilage of the nose.

Open Rhinoplasty

It's also called external rhinoplasty, and it involves making an incision on the thin strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. The surgeon carefully accesses the bone structures inside the nose by lifting the tissues to reshape the nose extensively. It is an invasive procedure, but you can get the best results with the proper care and the right doctors in Turkey to help you.