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Abdominoplasty Surgery in Turkey

Abdominoplasty Surgery in Turkey

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29 May 2023
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  • What is Mini Abdominoplasty?
  • How is Abdominoplasty Performed?
  • Who Is Suitable For Abdominoplasty?
  • Is Abdominoplasty Risky?
  • Things to Be Considered Before Abdominoplasty
  • Things to Be Considered After Abdominoplasty
  • The Price of Abdominoplasty Operation
  • Frequently Asked Questions About "Abdominoplasty”
  • How is Massage Performed After Abdominoplasty?
  • When Can Patients Lie on Their Side After Abdominoplasty?
  • Which Department Performs Abdominoplasty?
  • Can I Get Pregnant After Abdominoplasty?
  • Abdominoplasty, known as tummy tuck surgery, is a procedure for reducing excess fat and skin around the abdomen and strengthening the abdominal wall muscles.

    What is Mini Abdominoplasty?

    Mini tummy tuck or partial abdominoplasty is usually performed on people with less sagging skin. The surgery is performed in shorter incisions and the procedure time is one or two hours. Since mini abdominoplasty is applied to people who have excess fat in the lower part of the navel, the belly button is not moved.

    How is Abdominoplasty Performed?

    Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. Different techniques are used depending on whether it is a complete or mini abdominoplasty. A large incision is made along the lower abdomen and other incisions are made to remove the tissues surrounding the belly button. Excess fat and skin are removed, the abdominal muscles are rearranged and the appearance of a saggy belly is changed. The remaining skin is put together and the operation is completed. The result gives the appearance of a flat and fit abdomen.

    Who Is Suitable For Abdominoplasty?

    Abdominoplasty is suitable for men and women who are healthy and of stable weight. It may be preferred for reducing abdominal sagging that occurs after several pregnancies and for belly compression. It is recommended for people with a history of obesity and significant weight loss, with sagging belly, with excess fat deposits in the abdominal area. In addition, abdominoplasty is not recommended for women planning pregnancy until they have children .

    Is Abdominoplasty Risky?

    Abdominoplasty has risks just like other surgical procedures. There are usually no serious complications after abdominoplasty. The risks of abdominoplasty may include:

    • Infection and poor wound healing

    • Heart or lung complications

    • Blood clots

    • Obvious scarring

    • Persistent pain, discomfort or drowsiness

    • Accumulation of fluid or blood around the surgical site

    In case of complications, some people may need additional surgery.

    Things to Be Considered Before Abdominoplasty

    Before the abdominoplasty procedure, your doctor may make some suggestions:

    • Smoking affects the healing process negatively by reducing blood flow, increases tissue damage. During the pre- and post-operative period, your doctor may recommend that you quit smoking.

    • It is recommended that people who are overweight lose weight. Weight loss after the procedure may affect the results of surgery.

    • You should avoid the use of aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs that can increase bleeding in the body. Consult your doctor first for the medications you are using.

    In addition, preparation and arrangements for the recovery period can alleviate the problems of the postoperative period.

    Things to Be Considered After Abdominoplasty

    After abdominoplasty, small tubes are placed at the incision sites to drain excess fluid and blood from the surgical area. These drains can be left in place for a few days after surgery. The necessary information is provided by your medical team about the maintenance of drains and how to empty them. Antibiotics, blood thinners or pain relievers may be used for a short time after surgery. Sudden and forceful movements should be avoided to prevent the opening of the wound.

    The Healing Process After Abdominoplasty

    It usually takes 4-6 weeks for an abdominoplasty operation to fully heal. During this process, you may need to be off work for a while. Some issues that need to be considered:

    • Straining the wound area and stitches should be avoided and sudden movements should not be made.

    • Patients should not drive a car for several weeks after the operation.

    • Heavy and strenuous physical activity should be avoided.

    • Attention should be paid to the care of the bandaged area while sitting or lying down.

    Your doctor makes the necessary recommendations to ensure the best possible care during the postoperative period.

    The Price of Abdominoplasty Operation

    The prices of abdominoplasty surgery may vary depending on the type of abdominoplasty, the applied techniques and the hospital. Your age, genetics and health condition affect the length of hospitalization and the procedure. Contact a relevant healthcare institution for the best results and price information.

    Frequently Asked Questions About "Abdominoplasty”

    Those who have abdominoplasty may come up with some questions, especially after abdominoplasty operation.
    In the frequently asked questions about abdominoplasty section, the most frequently asked questions on topics such as how to flatten the lower abdomen, the use of corsets, edema and massage have been compiled.

    For How Long Is the Corset Used After Abdominoplasty?

    A corset is used for about six weeks after abdominoplasty. The corset helps to prevent fluid accumulation in the abdominal area and acts as a support while the surgical area heals. Your doctor will make the necessary recommendations for bandage and corset care.

    How Long Does Abdominoplasty Take?

    The abdominoplasty can take between two and five hours.  Mini abdominoplasty operation takes an hour or two. Depending on the condition of the person, they should stay in the hospital for several nights.

    How is Edema Eliminated After Abdominoplasty?

    After the operation, plenty of water should be consumed to purify the body from edema and toxins. A balanced and adequate diet should be followed, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed. In this way, the risk of constipation is also prevented.

    When Can Patients Walk Upright After Abdominoplasty?

    Walking in an upright position may be difficult immediately after surgery, but you can start walking upright about a week after the procedure. Thanks to this, your back is less strained and you can feel a pronounced relief. During this process, swelling and pain will decrease a bit, so you can gradually walk upright.

    How Long Does Abdominoplasty Take to Heal?

    The recovery time after abdominoplasty varies depending on the person's health status, age and care. The general recommendation is that caution should be exercised during the first six weeks after surgery. It may be necessary to avoid strenuous work and moderate physical activity. Pain, swelling and redness usually resolve within the first few weeks, but the duration of complete recovery may vary from person to person.

    When Does the Swelling Go Away After Abdominoplasty?

    It is normal to have swelling and redness in the area after surgery. Most swelling goes away within the first month, but some swelling may remain for up to six months. In consultation with your doctor, a cold compress can be applied several times a day for the first week, not exceeding 10 minutes.

    When Does the Edema Go Away After Abdominoplasty?

    Edema and swelling may occur for up to three months after abdominoplasty. It is normal to have fluid-filled swellings on and around the scar and it usually resolves on its own.

    When Is Sexual Intercourse Allowed After Abdominoplasty?

    It is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse for at least two weeks after abdominoplasty, ideally for three or four weeks. Applying pressure to wounds can trigger pain and prolong the healing time.

    How is Massage Performed After Abdominoplasty?

    Lymphatic channels that deteriorate after surgical procedures can be improved by the effect of lymphatic massage. It may be recommended to start massage sessions two weeks after operations such as Abdominoplasty and Liposuction. With this timing, bruising and pains can be alleviated. With a lymphatic drainage massage, the lymphatic system is opened and the lymph is absorbed through the vein using long, rhythmic, wave-like strokes. However, it is not recommended for people with a history of congestive heart failure, liver and kidney problems, clotting and stroke.

    When Can Patients Lie on Their Side After Abdominoplasty?

    After abdominoplasty, lying on your side becomes a problem because the abdominal area is swollen, painful and sensitive. In addition, stretching of the abdominal area and the occurrence of extra pain is an undesirable condition. For this reason, it is possible to start lying on your side after about two weeks after the operation. However, in order to avoid creating pain and sensitivity, it is recommended to lie on your side after 3-5 weeks following the procedure.

    Which Department Performs Abdominoplasty?

    Abdominoplasty operations are performed under the roof of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Abdominoplasty, which is performed by plastic and aesthetic surgery specialists, is an aesthetic application.

    Can I Get Pregnant After Abdominoplasty?

    Abdominoplasty is the process of removing excess fat and skin from the abdominal area and does not affect the likelihood of pregnancy. You can get pregnant after abdominoplasty operation, but it can negatively affect the results of abdominoplasty.

    Please contact a relevant healthcare provider to determine whether abdominoplasty is suitable for you, the surgery and care process.
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