Assoc. Prof. MD. Sercan Yılmaz
Assoc. Prof. MD. Sercan Yılmaz
Assoc. Prof. MD.

Sercan Yılmaz

Liv Hospital Ulus
Areas of Interests
    • Laser Prostate Surgeries (HoLEP, ThuFLEP)
    • Robotic & Laparoscopic Surgery
    • Robotic Transperineal Prostate MRI/Ultrasound Fusion Biopsy
    • Urological Oncological Surgeries
    • Female Urology
    • Neuro-Urology
    • Urethral Stenosis Surgeries (Graft Urethroplasty surgeries)
  • Gülhane Military Medical Faculty
  • Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Department of Urology
  • Liv Hospital Ulus
  • KOLAN International Hospital
  • Gülhane Training and Research Hospital
  • Gülhane Military Medical Academy


  • Evaluation of the effects of intracavernosal mitomycin-c application on the rat model of Peyronie's disease (TÜBİTAK)
  • Effects of intradetrusor decorin injection on tissue histopathology in rabbits with partial bladder outlet obstruction (TUBITAK)
Internationally Published Articles (21)
  • YILMAZ SERCAN, KAYA ENGİN, GAZEL EYMEN, YALÇIN SERDAR, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, YILMAZ MEHMET, AÇIKGÖZ ONUR, ÖZDEMİR HAKAN, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2021). HoLEP after prostate biopsy: does it have any impact?. WORLD JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, 39(7), 2605-2611., Doi: 10.1007/s00345-020-03518-z (Publication Number: 7091043)
  • YILMAZ SERCAN, KAYA ENGİN, YALÇIN SERDAR, GAZEL EYMEN, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, AÇIKGÖZ ONUR, YILMAZ MEHMET, GÜVEN SELÇUK, GÖZEN ALİ SERDAR, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2021). Is 'Omega Sign' anatomical endoscopic enucleation of the prostate technique reproducible? ANDROLOGIA, 53(8), 14137-14137., Doi: 10.1111/and.14137 (Publication Number: 7205138)
  • YILMAZ SERCAN, AK ESAT, GAZEL EYMEN, YALÇIN SERDAR, YILDIZ KENAN YİĞİT, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2021). Bladder neck sparing during robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: Six-year experience. Northern Clinics of Istanbul, 8(3), 269-274., Doi: 10.14744/nci.2020.49092 (Publication Number: 7085571)
  • COĞUPLUGİL ADEM EMRAH, EBILOĞLU TURGAY, SARIKAYA SELÇUK, YILMAZ SERCAN, TOPUZ BAHADIR, GÜRDAL MESUT (2021). Ventral onlay buccal mucosa graft urethroplasty for female urethral stricture. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, 28(5), 538-543., Doi: 10.1111/iju.14504 (Publication Number: 7083136)
  • KAYA ENGİN, YILMAZ SERCAN, AÇIKGÖZ ONUR, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, YILMAZ MEHMET, GAZEL EYMEN, YALÇIN SERDAR, SUAREZ-IBARROLA RODRIGO, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2021). Laser enucleation for prostates larger than 100 mL: Comparison of HoLEP and ThuLEP. ANDROLOGIA, 53(8), 14125-14125., Doi: 10.1111/and.14125 (Publication Number: 7091065)
  • YILMAZ SERCAN, YALÇIN SERDAR, YILMAZ MEHMET, AÇIKGÖZ ONUR, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, GAZEL EYMEN, KAYA ENGİN, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2021). Comparison of outcomes of Holmium enucleation of the prostate for small- and moderate-sized prostates. ANDROLOGIA, 53(3), 13970-13970., Doi: 10.1111/and.13970 (Publication Number: 7083283)
  • ZOR MURAT, YILMAZ SERCAN, TOPUZ BAHADIR, KAYA ENGİN, YALÇIN SERDAR, coguplugil adem emrah, İNCE MEHMET EMİN (2021). Post-chemotherapy modified template retroperitoneal lymph node dissection in patients with nonseminomatous germ cell tumors. Aktuelle Urologie, Doi: 10.1055/a-1469-6892 (Publication Number: 7486501)
  • TOPUZ BAHADIR, ZOR MURAT, YILMAZ SERCAN, KAYA ENGİN (2021). Uncommon events adverse of intravesical Bacillus Calmette-Guérin treatment: A report of three cases. Revista Española de Quimioterapia, 34, Doi: 10.37201/req/155.2020 (Publication Number: 7486080)
  • TUNÇ LÜTFİ, YALÇIN SERDAR, KAYA ENGİN, GAZEL EYMEN, YILMAZ SERCAN, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, YILMAZ MEHMET, TOKAS THEODOROS (2021). The "Omega Sign": a novel HoLEP technique that improves continence outcomes after enucleation. WORLD JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, 39(1), 135-141., Doi: 10.1007/s00345-020-03152-9 (Publication No: 7071631)
  • GAZEL EYMEN, KAYA ENGİN, AÇIKGÖZ ONUR, YALÇIN SERDAR, YILMAZ SERCAN, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2020). The effects of bladder neck sparing with an additional anterior urethral fixation on postoperative continence after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. Northern Clinics of Istanbul, 8(1), 57-62., Doi: 10.14744/nci.2020.00533 (Publication Number: 7083193)
  • GAZEL EYMEN, KAYA ENGİN, YALÇIN SERDAR, Tokas Theodoros, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, YILMAZ SERCAN, AYDOĞAN TAHSİN BATUHAN, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2020). The low power effect on holmium laser enucleation of prostate (HoLEP); A comparison between 20W and 37.5W energy regarding apical enucleation efficacy and patient safety. Progrès en Urologie, 30(12), 632-638., Doi: 10.1016/j.purol.2020.05.009 (Publication Number: 7083060)
  • YALÇIN SERDAR, YILMAZ SERCAN, GAZEL EYMEN, KAYA ENGİN, AYDOĞAN TAHSİN BATUHAN, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2020). Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate for the treatment of size-independent BPH: A single-center experience of 600 cases. Turkish Journal of Urology, 46(3), 219-225., Doi: 10.5152/tud.2020.19235 (Publication Number: 7080641)
  • GAZEL EYMEN, KAYA ENGİN, YALÇIN SERDAR, Tokas Theodoros, YILMAZ SERCAN, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, AYDOĞAN TAHSİN BATUHAN, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2020). The role of laparoscopic experience on the learning curve of HoLEP surgery: A questionnaire-based study. Turkish Journal of Urology, 46(2), 129-133., Doi: 10.5152/tud.2019.19102 (Publication Number: 7080615)
  • TOPUZ BAHADIR, COĞUPLUGİL ADEM EMRAH, YILMAZ SERCAN, SARIKAYA SELÇUK, ZOR MURAT, UĞUZ SAMI, KAYA ENGİN, BEDİR SELAHATTİN (2020). The clinical features and treatment options of intratesticular epidermoid cysts. ARCHIVOS ESPANOLES DE UROLOGIA, 73(2), 126-131. (Publication Number: 7071503)
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  • YALÇIN SERDAR, KAYA ENGİN, EBILOĞLU TURGAY, AKAY SİNAN, ZOR MURAT, SARIKAYA SELÇUK, YILMAZ SERCAN, BEDİR SELAHATTİN (2019). The cognitive fusion prostate biopsy using a smart phone in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. ARCHIVOS ESPANOLES DE UROLOGIA, 72(10), 1026-1031. (Publication Number: 7071531)
  • YALÇIN SERDAR, GAZEL EYMEN, Somani Bhaskar K., YILMAZ SERCAN, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2019). Prostate shape significantly affects the HoLEP procedure time and energy usage: A retrospective pilot study. Minimally Invasive Therapy & Allied Technologies, 28(4), 220- 226., Doi: 10.1080/13645706.2018.1508040 (Publication Number: 7080738)
  • TRAVELER ELİF, İYİGÜN EMİNE, YILMAZ SERCAN (2018). Comparison of 3 Different Teaching Methods for a Behavioral Therapy Program for Female Overactive Bladder: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Wound Ostomy and Continence Nursing, 45(1), 68-74., Doi: 10.1097/WON.0000000000000398 (Publication Number: 7080805)
  • KAYA ENGİN, KİBAR YUSUF, YILMAZ SERCAN, ÖZCAN AYHAN, KÖPRÜ BURAK, EBİLOĞLU TURGAY, IRKILATA HASAN CEM (2017). The histopathological effects of intracavernosal mitomycin-C injection in a rat Peyronie's disease model. CUAJ-Canadian Urological Association Journal, 11(11), 441-445., Doi: 10.5489/cuaj.4489 (Publication Number: 7080850)
  • KAYA ENGİN, KİBAR YUSUF, YILMAZ SERCAN, EBILOĞLU TURGAY, ÖZCAN AYHAN, SEYREK MELİK, YILDIZ OĞUZHAN, ULUSOY KEMAL GÖKHAN (2017). The histopathological and pharmacodynamic effects of intradetrusor decorin injected in a rabbit partial bladder outlet obstruction model. INTERNATIONAL UROLOGY AND NEPHROLOGY, 49(4), 607-614., Doi: 10.1007/s11255-017-1518-x (Publication Number: 7083311)
  • UĞUZ SAMI, YILMAZ SERCAN, GÜRAĞAÇ ALİ, TOPUZ BAHADIR, AYDUR EMİN (2016). Association of Torsion With Testicular Cancer: A Retrospective Study. Clinical Genitourinary Cancer, 14(1), 55-57., Doi: 10.1016/j.clgc.2015.09.014 (Publication Number: 7080763)
Articles Published in National Journals (10)
  • YILMAZ SERCAN, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, ÖZDEMİR HAKAN, GAZEL EYMEN, KAYA ENGİN, YALÇIN SERDAR, YILMAZ MEHMET, ONEL ALİ YUSUF, YÖRÜBULUT MEHMET, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2021). Single center results of magnetic resonance imaging ultrasound guided fusion prostate biopsy obtained patients. New Journal of Urology, 16(2), 140-147., Doi: 10.33719/yud.2021;16-2-850577 (Control No: 7090067)
  • YILMAZ SERCAN, YILMAZ MEHMET, YALÇIN SERDAR, KAYA ENGİN, GAZEL EYMEN, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, ÖZDEMİR HAKAN, YÖRÜBULUT MEHMET, ONEL ALİ YUSUF, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2021). Basic factors predicting prostate cancer in Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System-3 lesions. New Journal of Urology, 16(2), 184-189., Doi: 10.33719/yud.2021;16-2-850090 (Control No: 7090054)
  • YILMAZ SERCAN, TOPUZ BAHADIR, SICIMLI CAN, COĞUPLUGİL ADEM EMRAH, KAYA ENGİN, ZOR MURAT, BEDİR SELAHATTİN (2020). The role of PI-RADS version 2 in predicting stage progression after radical prostatectomy in patients with Gleason score 3+3 prostate cancer. ENDOUROLOGY BULLETIN, 12(3), 199-204. (Control Number: 7092345)
  • COĞUPLUGİL ADEM EMRAH, TOPUZ BAHADIR, YILMAZ SERCAN, ZOR MURAT, GÜRDAL MESUT (2020). Intra-detrusor botulinum toxin injection in the treatment of overactive bladder resistant to medical treatment. ENDOUROLOGY BULLETIN, 12(3), 187-191. (Control Number: 7092357)
  • GAZEL EYMEN, KAYA ENGİN, YALÇIN SERDAR, YILMAZ SERCAN, BEDİR SELAHATTİN, YILMAZ MEHMET, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2020). Evaluation of post-Holmium laser of prostate hospital readmissions. Gulhane Medical Journal, 62(3), 170-173., Doi: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2020.1017 (Control No: 7086210)
  • YALÇIN SERDAR, KARŞIYAKALI NEJDET, KAYA ENGİN, YILMAZ SERCAN, GAZEL EYMEN, Asgarlı Sanan, GÜRDAL MESUT, BEDİR SELAHATTİN (2020). Comparison of the Efficacy of Shock Wave Lithotripsy and Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery in the Treatment of Lower Pole Kidney Stones: Single Center, Case Control Study. New Journal of Urology, 15(2), 127-134., Doi: 10.33719/yud.652848 (Control No: 7086297)
  • GAZEL EYMEN, YILMAZ MEHMET, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, KAYA ENGİN, YALÇIN SERDAR, YILMAZ SERCAN, AÇIKGÖZ ONUR, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2020). Prostate Enucleation (ThuLEP) experiences with Thulium Laser. ENDOUROLOGY BULLETIN, 12(2), 99-107. (Control Number: 7092440)
  • YILMAZ MEHMET, KAYA ENGİN, GAZEL EYMEN, YALÇIN SERDAR, YILMAZ SERCAN, AYBAL HALİL ÇAĞRI, TUNÇ LÜTFİ (2020). Laser Wars in Prostate Enucleation: Holmium vs Thulium Laser. ENDOUROLOGY BULLETIN, 12(1), 15-23. (Control Number: 7092373)
  • TOPUZ BAHADIR, YILMAZ SERCAN, YALÇIN SERDAR, Asgarlı Sanan, KAYA ENGİN, ZOR MURAT, GÜRDAL MESUT, BEDİR SELAHATTİN (2020). Postoperative computed tomography views of oxidized cellulose support (Surgicel®) used as a hemostatic agent in open partial nephrectomy. ENDOUROLOGY BULLETIN, 12(2), 114-121. (Control Number: 7092320)
  • YILMAZ SERCAN, YILDIZ ALI, YALÇIN SERDAR, SICIMLI CAN, ÇİÇEK ALI FUAT, TOPUZ BAHADIR, BEDİR SELAHATTİN (2020). Clinical and pathological features of bladder tumors in the young population. ENDOUROLOGY BULLETIN, 12(2), 135-140. (Control Number: 7092332)
  • Turkish Urology Association
  • Endourology Association
  • European Association of Urology (EAU)
  • American Urological Association (AUA)
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