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Chin Filler (Jawline) in Turkey

Chin Filler (Jawline) in Turkey

Jawline (chin) filler is a cosmetic procedure used to give the jawline a more defined look. Jawline filler is used to make the jawline more sharper and more defined. This procedure can also be performed for people with a gap or collapse in the jawline. Jawline filler is a cosmetic procedure preferred to give the jawline a more defined look and make the face look younger and more attractive.

What is Jawline (Chin) Filler?

Jawline (chin) filler is a cosmetic procedure frequently preferred to give the jawline a more defined look and make the face look younger and more attractive. This process is usually performed using fillers such as hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the body and plumps the skin by moisturizing it. In addition, it helps to reduce lines and wrinkles by increasing the elasticity of the skin. Hyaluronic acid, which is used for jawline filler, has been specially formulated and made suitable for use in the jaw area.

When jawline filler is performed, the skin is cleaned and numbed first. Then, the filler is injected into the predetermined points in the lower jaw area with the help of a fine needle. These fillers make the jawline more prominent by filling in the gaps under the skin and adding volume. The jawline filler procedure takes about 15-30 minutes and is usually painless. After the procedure, a slight swelling and redness may occur, but this usually resolves within a few days. Jawline (chin) filler, like any cosmetic procedure, might cause undesirable consequences if not performed correctly. For this reason, before having a jawline filler, you should definitely consult with a doctor who is an expert in the field and have information about the possible risks of the procedure.

What is Side (Chin) Filler?

Side (chin) filler is a procedure performed to solve problems such as loss of volume on the sides of the jaw, symmetry disorder, or deformities of the side jawline. With this procedure, various aesthetic purposes can be provided, such as making the facial contours more prominent or balancing the face. The side area of the face is one of the places where the signs of aging are most visible. As the facial adipose tissue decreases over time, collapses and lines may occur on the side area. The side (chin) filler process is used to make the facial features look younger and more vibrant.

Cleft Chin Filler

Cleft chin filler is a cosmetic procedure performed to get rid of the dimple line that occurs naturally or is genetically defined in the jaw area. The filler is injected into the cleft chin area and allows the dimple line to become more smooth. The filler relieves the loss of volume under the skin and increases the smoothness and evenness in the jaw area. The cleft chin filler procedure is a procedure in which the feeling of pain or discomfort is minimal, and there may be slight swelling or redness in the jaw area after the procedure. The mentioned side effects usually go away in a short period of time, such as a few days. The procedure should be performed by a specialized health professional, and the selection, dose and injection points of the filler should be carefully determined according to the needs and expectations of the person. In addition, it is also important to follow the correct care and recommendations after the procedure.

Jawline Filler

Jawline filler is preferred especially in cases where volume loss and bone loss occur in the jaw area with the aging process. In addition, people with a congenitally undefined jawline might also have a more defined jawline by having this procedure.

How is Jawline (Chin) Filler Performed?

Jawline (chin) filler is a safe and effective procedure that provides a long-term result. This procedure is performed by an aesthetic and plastic surgeons experienced in their field. The steps of the procedure proceed as follows:

  • Marking is performed to determine the area to be filled.

  • Before the procedure begins, a local anesthesia is applied to the jawline.

  • The filler is injected into the jawline with a fine needle or cannula.

  • The injected filler material spreads to the tissues under the chin to shape and define the jawline.

  • The process is usually completed in 20-30 minutes.

After the procedure, there may be a slight feeling of swelling or bruising. It is necessary to carefully perform the care practices and recommendations that doctors provide after the procedure.

How Long Does Jawline (Chin) Filler Last?

The permanence of jawline filler also depends on the filler used in general, and the person's age, lifestyle and general health status. For example, exercising regularly, following a healthy eating program, and not smoking might increase the permanence of the filler. However, due to the fact that the filler is gradually absorbed from the body, the effects of the procedure will decrease over time. Therefore, for long-term results, it may be necessary to perform regular regeneration procedures at intervals when the effects of the filler begin to fade.

Are Jawline and Chin Filler the Same?

Jawline filler and chin filler are similar procedures. Jawline filler and chin filler are similar procedures. Jawline filler, on the other hand, is applied to give the jawline a more defined and more shaped look. Jawline filler is used to create a sharper, defined jawline, reduce looseness in the jaw area, or make the lower part of the face more attractive.

Things to Be Considered Before Having a Jawline (Chin) Filler

There are some factors that should be considered before having a jawline (chin) filler. Some of them are as follows:

  • The procedure being performed by an experienced aesthetic doctor or dermatologist

  • Prior to the procedure, informing the specialist who will perform the procedure of the current state of health

  • Stopping the use of blood thinners against the risk of bleeding and bruising

  • Learning the necessary care practices against effects such as swelling, redness, sensitivity that may occur on the skin after the procedure

Before making the procedure, it is necessary to consult the relevant specialist about the above-mentioned issues and other considerations.

How is the Process After the Jawline (Chin) Filler?

The process after having a jawline filler may vary depending on the person's skin structure and whether care applications are applied. This process, in general, is as follows:

  • Possible side effects: After the jawline filler procedure, slight swelling, redness and tenderness may occur in the facial area. This is a normal reaction and usually heals within a few days.

  • Post-procedure care: It is necessary to apply cold compresses especially to the area where the filler procedure is performed, avoid heavy exercises and protect the facial area from the sun.

  • Seeing the effect: Full results can be seen within a few days or a few weeks due to swelling and other side effects after the procedure.

  • Control examinations: After jawline filler, the specialist performing the procedure may schedule one or more control examinations. During these examinations, the results of the procedure are evaluated and if there are any problems, they are treated.

Is There a Risk of Having a Jawline Filler?

Having a jawline filler, like any aesthetic procedure, may have some risks. These risks may vary depending on the skin structure of the person who will undergo the procedure and the filler material used. The possible risks of the jawline filler process can be listed as follows:

  • Having an allergic reaction to filler materials

  • Infection after the procedure

  • The appearance of asymmetry problems in the area where the filler is performed

  • Tissue damage when the filler material is injected into the wrong area

  • Having side effects such as swelling, redness, pain, tenderness and bruising

The stated risks do not apply to everyone. The risks that may be seen can be minimized with the right injection methods, the right specialist and care practices.
If you want to get more information about jawline (chin) filler and have the procedure done, you can contact a medical institution.
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