Femto Cataract Laser Surgery

Femto Cataract Laser Surgery

It is used in the treatment of cataract disease, which occurs when the lens of the eye becomes dull and reduces the ability to see.

Femto Laser technology is used in cataract treatment and provides a safer cataract operation.

How is Femto Cataract Laser Performed?

After the patient's eye is measured with micron precision, all procedures in cataract operations are performed with laser. The place where the lens will be placed is prepared with laser and the cataract is fragmented in the eye with laser.

Creating the corneal incision with a laser beam without using a knife causes less damage to the surrounding tissues and can also correct astigmatic defects. It eliminates the possibility of slipping of intraocular lenses used in cataract surgery. Surgical application is performed in the eye in a short time.