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Hip Surgery

Hip Surgery

Hip surgery covers surgical interventions performed to treat problems arising from various diseases, traumas or degenerative conditions in the hip area.
Hip Surgery

The hip joint and the pelvis where this joint is located play an effective role in healthy standing, walking and running. With the timely and healthy development of the hip joint and the surrounding bones and soft tissues at birth, the quality of life increases with the hip joint having painless joint movements.

Hip surgery covers surgical interventions performed to treat problems arising from various diseases, traumas or degenerative conditions in the hip area. These surgical procedures often include hip joint replacement surgeries, hip fracture repairs, correction of soft tissues around the hip joint, and other hip-related problems.

Hip Surgery at Liv Hospital


Hip surgery at Liv Hospital is a comprehensive treatment service performed by expert orthopedic surgeons. This unit deals with the diagnosis of various disorders in the hip area, surgical interventions and rehabilitation processes. Hip replacement surgeries, correction of fractures, treatment of hip joint degenerative diseases and surgical management of other hip problems can be performed in this unit. Liv Hospital offers modern surgical techniques and individualized treatment plans aimed at optimizing patients' hip health, relieving their pain and improving their quality of life.

Hip Problem Causes Movement Restriction


Congenital unhealthy development of the hip joint or subsequent fractures and dislocations; In the presence of infection, osteoporosis, tumors, pain in the groin radiating to the inner surface of the thigh, swelling, limping gait and joint movement limitation are the problems that patients frequently encounter. Poor posture, limping walking, leg length inequalities, joint movement limitation, pain, tenderness and swelling around the thigh are conditions that need to be examined. In patients with such complaints, it may be possible to improve the patient with early diagnosis and treatment.

What are the Treatment Areas?


It offers services with a wide spectrum of treatments ranging from arthroscopic interventions to arthroplasty for athlete injuries, pediatric hip problems, fractures involving the hip and its surrounding area, and hip arthrosis.

  • Developmental hip dislocation in children and sequelae of hip dislocation in adults
  • Cartilage problems in the hip joint
  • Bone and joint infections in childhood and adulthood
  • Fractures and dislocations seen in childhood and adulthood
  • Childhood and adult musculoskeletal tumors
  • Athlete injuries

Total Hip Replacement


Prosthesis application in joints is generally a surgical method that aims to restore the damaged functions of the joint and eliminate pain by replacing degenerated joint surfaces with specially made artificial materials. In hip replacement surgery, joint surfaces damaged for various reasons are replaced with ceramic or polyethylene parts placed between metal surfaces. If only the femur part of the joint is replaced, it is called partial (half), and if the acetabulum, which is its counterpart in the pelvis, is also replaced, it is called total (full) prosthesis. It is a 'total prosthesis' applied in degenerative joint disease.

Robotic Surgery on Hip; MAKOplasty®


MAKOplasty® is an innovative and groundbreaking method in prosthetic surgery. MAKOplasty®, powered by the RIO* robotic arm interactive orthopedic system, allows the surgeon to select and optimally position the patient-sized prosthesis. During the surgery, the robotic arm guides the surgeon in preparing the prosthesis's slot in the pelvis and positioning the parts. Real-time information and images allow the surgeon to know and check that he or she has placed the implant correctly and precisely.

How Does MAKOplasty® Work?


The surgeon uses RIO software with information obtained from the model specific to the person's anatomy to plan the surgery. During surgery, the software provides real-time information for optimal positioning and alignment of the implant. It is used to prepare the robotic arm socket and guide the placement of implants.


What are the Advantages of MAKOplasty®?


  • Personalized planning before surgery
  • Preoperative determination of prosthetic parts that are fully compatible with the patient's body structure
  • Performing surgery with a smaller incision
  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissues during surgery
  • A smaller scar after surgery
  • Optimal placement of prosthetic parts during surgery
  • Shorter postoperative painful period
  • Shorter hospital stay and recovery time after surgery
  • Hip feeling more natural after surgery
  • Ensuring maximum and safe hip movements
  • Minimizing the risk of a height difference between legs after surgery
  • Less wear and loosening of the prosthesis over time