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Iodine Treatment in Thyroid Cancer

Iodine Treatment in Thyroid Cancer

Radioiodine therapy is popularly known as atomic therapy.
Iodine Treatment in Thyroid Cancer

While beta rays emitted by radioactive iodine 131 are used for treatment purposes; Allows longer range gamma ray images to be obtained. Atom treatment is applied in capsule or liquid form and taken orally. Its liquid form tastes like water and does not bother the patient.

Who is Radioiodine Treatment Applied to?


Atomic therapy is used in cases of hyperthyroidism (toxic goiter) in which the thyroid gland works too quickly and in the treatment of thyroid gland cancers. It is applied in low doses in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and in higher doses in thyroid cancer. It is not appropriate to apply this treatment to pregnant and breastfeeding patients. Apart from this, it can be applied to people of all ages and genders and can be repeated if necessary. With a correctly calculated dose, one application is usually sufficient. However, in some patients the disease may be more resistant or widespread and multiple applications may be required.

Iodine Treatment for Thyroid Cancer at Liv Hospital


Iodine treatment for thyroid cancer is an effective method used in the treatment of thyroid cancer at Liv Hospital. It occurs through the use of radioactive iodine and acts specifically on thyroid cells. Iodine treatment, administered by expert endocrinologists and nuclear medicine specialists at Liv Hospital, is specially adapted to patients with thyroid cancer and aims to destroy or control cancer cells. This treatment is applied with the aim of providing patients with a better quality of life and playing an important role in the cancer monitoring process.