Department of Neuroradiology

Neuroradiology refers to imaging of the brain, spinal cord, spine and head and neck region (radiological examinations). With advances in medical knowledge and technology, this science serves not only in diagnosis, but also in the field of treatment.
In Liv Hospital Interventional Neuroradiology Clinic; the patients receive service directly from doctors specializing in their fields. In our clinic, closed (intravenous) treatment, without open surgery, of many vascular diseases in the brain and neck veins is performed. In the department, aneurysm, commonly known as brain vein bubble, arteriovenous malformation known as a ball of vein and carotid stenosis, known as narrowing of carotid artery, are treated by closed methods.

Who should be carefully examined for brain and neck vascular diseases?

  • Family history of brain hemorrhage
  • Those who had a stroke or those with vascular diseases
  • People suffering from headache
  • Those with many symptoms such as visual impairment, numbness in the arms and legs, speech disorders, ringing in the ear which cannot be explained by other reasons
  • Those with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol
  • Smokers and people using alcohol 
  • Those who suspect themselves to have cerebral vascular disease or neck vascular disease or those with symptoms should immediately consult a neurosurgeon, neurologist, otolaryngologist or cardiologist and undergo necessary investigations.

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