Pediatric Surgery

In Liv Hospital Pediatric Surgery Clinic; From birth to 16 years of age all children's digestive system, urinary tract, non-cardiac outpatient surgical problems related to the outpatient follow-up and treatment is done. Surgical procedures are performed with minimally invasive methods (laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, endoscopy / scarring) depending on the type of the disease.

Expert Team in Pediatric Surgery

The echoes of a childhood surgical operation, where growth and development are the fastest, carry the children in all their lives. Therefore, all initiatives made to children; It should be carried out by a well-trained team of experts, who have learned long-term and challenging training, who learn disciplined and state-of-the-art treatment techniques and who can take the initiative and apply the ideal treatment in a very short time. The Liv Hospital Pediatric Surgery Expert Team is not just about these competencies; It is a preferred clinic with the ability to approach the child and baby patient.

Fast Healing, Outstanding Success

3 cases of "ganglioneurroblastoma" and "retroperitoneal teratoma" cancers,  seen 4 in 1 million in the world, were treated successfully in our Pediatric Surgery Clinic without any additional medical treatment. By using minimally invasive techniques in the clinic, complex cases are treated with less than 100% success, with minimal scarring, rapid recovery and kompleks zero ler pain.

Advantageous Methods

Laparascopic methods in circumcision, gall bladder, undescended testis, appendicitis, hirschsprung operations in Liv Hospital Pediatric Surgery Clinic; cystoscopic in kidney and bladder diseases; esophageal / bronchoscopic methods are preferred in case of foreign body escape to respiratory tract and digestive system and diseases of these regions. The main advantages of these methods are that there is almost no scarring after surgery, the risk of infection is minimized and our children are able to return to their social lives and schools in a shorter time compared to open surgeries.

Advantages of Newborn Circumcision

Liv Hospital Pediatric Surgery Specialists underline that there are several studies about the fact that urinary tract infections of neonatal and infantile period decrease by 10 times compared to uncircumcised children. With Liv Hospital's experienced pediatric surgery team and its safe surgical conditions, there is no need for additional care due to the rapid recovery of newborn circumcision, and parents are returning to their activities quickly. Seamless circumcision in this period is also very successful because of the lack of cutting and stitching procedures.

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