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Inspired by the self-healing ability of the human body, Liv Hospital knows that the greatest treatment has started peacefully since its inception, and continues to advance with a focus on individualized treatment.
Medical Second Opinion
New Era in Future of Healthcare
You can reach our specialist 24/7 in any language and completely free. As the visionary of the healthcare, we believe in health, not illness. Just in a minute, you can send your reports and issues to our doctors who are the real experts in their areas. Being healthy is just one click away. Future of healthcare is at your service, 24/7.
Advanced Cardiovascular Solutions Symposium
Advanced Cardiovascular Solutions 2019 is a brand new ACS with more cases, harder decisions, vivid cases, controversial issues and advanced courses for the first time this year! 
October 26, 2019 | Sheraton Grand Istanbul | Ataşehir / İstanbul
Regenerative Medicine and Stemcell Center
Treasure in Your Genes
Developments in medicine and life sciences move forward at an unprecedented pace in parallel with technological developments In basis of this progression, purpose of better preserving human health and treating diseases better and permanently plays a part. Accordingly, promising developments are observed in stem cell implementation, for several health conditions which cannot be treated with traditional methods.
Robotic Surgery
Providing Maximum Comfort for Patients
The superiority of robotic surgery depends on its ability to provide three-dimensional image having the depth almost like reality, error-free precision with its “Endo Wrists” trilateral robotic hands and that it provides mobility and to reduce the vibration to the minimum. The spread of the robotic surgical operations around the world is the forerunner of the new era in laparoscopic (also known as minimally invasive surgery and keyhole surgery) surgery.
Fluorescein Guided Neurosurgery
Experience and Technology Come into Being
Fluorescein-guided surgery implies brain tumor surgery that is carried out with guidance of fluorescein imaging. Tumors originating from brain tissue, some metastases and tumors, such as lymphoma, may not be clearly distinguished from intact brain tissue during operation. Prof. Talat Kırış, M.D., Neurosurgeon of Liv Hospital Istanbul, emphasizes that intact brain tissue can be damaged if access route deviates, as a particular distance should be covered to expose tumor at deep localization. However, fluorescein-guided surgery and navigation helps coping with this problem.
Liv Hospital Ulus Orthopedics & Traumatology Team
Provides the best!
Liv Hospital Ulus Orthopedics & Traumatology Team; providing it's servise with specialist team on hand, knee, hip, shoulder, spine, feet and ankle. They are conducting succesful surgeries with robotic knee and hip surgery which is Makoplasty. The Liv Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Department offers a wide range of health services to a large number of professional elite athletes in all age groups, from traumatic problems to degenerative diseases. In Liv Hospital Orthopedics department, successful infection management rate is 100%.
Breast Cancer
Can Be Beaten by Early Detection!
Liv Hospital Ulus Breast Health Team works for your health by combining experience, multidisciplinary approach and team spirit. Breast cancer occurs when one of the groups of cells that make up the breast tissue undergoes a change and starts to multiply uncontrollably. The cancerous tissue first spreads to the near perimeter, then to the lymph nodes near the breast. In patients who have not been diagnosed and treated on time, the cancer can spread to other organs and cannot be treated and may cause loss of life. In other words, breast cancer, like many types of cancer, can result in death if not treated.
Liv Hospital Ulus Exclusive Check-Up
Exclusive check up which has been created specially for you and creating a special and attentive touch for your health is aimed at high-level satisfaction. Exclusive check up which will make you feel as comfortable as at home provides a new dimension to the check up approach with regular monitoring of personal health data and personalized guest services consultant. Medical coaches provide personalized services and programs for quality life and healthier body and soul.

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