Ece Gürol Kars

Ear-Nose-Throat Diseases


  • Rhinoplasty
  • Deviated septum surgery
  • Prominent ear aesthetics
  • Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Functional voice disorders
  • Thyroid Diseases 

  • Uludag University Faculty of Medicine (2013)
  • Marmara University ENT Department (2022)
  • Liv Hospital Ulus
  • Universiät Wuerburg (2010)
  • Beykoz State Hospital (2013)
  • Uludag University ENT Department (2015-2017)
  • Marmara University ENT Department (2017-2022)
  • Diyadin State Hospital (2022-2023)
  • Examination of larynx morphological and acoustic function changes during testosterone use in trans men. 
  • YouTube™ as an information source for larynx cancer: a systematic review of video content
  • Comparison of Voice Quality of Life in Early Stage Glottic Carcinoma Treated with Endoscopic Cordectomy Using Radiofrequency Microdissection Electrodes, Laser Cordectomy, and Radiotherapy
  • A Very Rare Complication of Hyaluronic Acid Injection for Medialization Laryngoplasty: A Case With Laryngeal Abscess

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