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Thulium Fiber in Turkey

Oluşturma Tarihi: 29.05.2023 16:33

The rapid growth of technologies benefited a lot of industries, one among which is the medical industry. With the invention of new and advanced medical equipment, doctors can provide their patients with the best treatments to cure their illnesses and improve the patient experience. This modern equipment helps doctors provide the best results in a short period.
Thulium Fiber is one of the new tools that can be of great help to the medical industry. It is an optical fiber made of thulium-doped crystal. It is used as a laser in many medical and scientific equipment. To know more about thulium fiber, its use in the medical industry, its benefits, and treatments using thulium fiber in Turkey

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What Is Thulium Fiber Laser?

Thulium is an earth element that releases light at 2 micrometers wavelength. Thulium fiber laser is a technology that uses thulium-doped silica fiber as a medium to transmit with minimal loss, making it safe for human skin. The fiber's length and thinness make it the most suitable option for complex medical approaches.
Thulium fiber laser offers various energy, pulse shape, and frequencies. It provides a seven pulse width range, making it more beneficial than the traditional methods that give only three levels. Its frequency level is up to 2500 Hz, enabling physicians to break or remove various stones more flexibly.
Contact us if you want to know more about TFL technology and thulium-doped fiber in Turkey.

Thulium Fiber Laser For Urology Treatment In Turkey

Thulium fiber laser is widely used for various urological conditions in Istanbul. It is accurate in targeting and causes less heat damage, making it ideal for urology treatment in Turkey. Below are a few urological diseases that can be treated using a thulium fiber laser.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

BPH is an illness where the prostate gland swells and obstructs the urethra, causing urinary problems. The doctors perform a procedure called the Thulium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate to reduce the size of the prostate gland. The doctors use the thulium fiber laser to vaporize the additional tissues and remove them from the body using an instrument. With the thulium fiber laser in Turkey, patients feel less pain during the surgery, and the recovery period is quick compared to other traditional treatments.

Urethral strictures

TFL treatment is used in treating urethral strictures. The urethral strictures are a part of the urethra that makes it difficult for the patients to urinate. The physician uses the thulium fiber laser to remove the tissue that blocks the urethral path and expand it to make urination easier for the patient.

Kidney Stones

The thulium fiber laser treatment in Istanbul is highly effective in breaking kidney stones into smaller particles to make them pass easily through the urinary tract. The doctor performs a ureteroscopy to analyze the upper urinary tract and break down the stones. Its laser energy is a safe option for the patients as the damage to the tissues in the surrounding will be minimal.

Bladder tumors

Bladder tumors refer to the growth seen in the lining of the bladder. The doctors use thulium fiber laser treatment to remove or gradually reduce the tumor to minimize the risk of cancer growth.
Consult our qualified urologist to know if thulium fiber laser treatment suits your condition.

Thulium Fiber Laser For Prostate Cancer In Turkey

Prostate cancer is a common ailment found in men. It is a type of cancer that grows in the prostate gland present in the male reproductive part that secretes semen. The symptoms of this disease vary from struggles to urinate and erectile dysfunction.
Thulium fiber laser treatment in Istanbul is efficient in treating prostate cancer. The doctor uses a thulium fiber laser to vaporize the cancer tissues in the prostate gland. They place the thulium fiber laser in the area between the scrotum and anus to reach the prostate gland. The water in the tissue absorbs the laser and vaporizes it to eradicate the cancer cells.
This treatment is highly beneficial for patients in the early stage of the disease and those who have undergone radiation treatment and have cancer outbreaks again. It involves minimal bleeding and pain and is less invasive, making it the preferable option for patients.
Get in touch with our qualified medical professionals to discuss the potential benefits of thulium fiber laser for prostate cancer in Turkey.

Other Treatments Using Thulium Fiber Laser In Turkey

Thulium fiber lasers may also be used to treat other diseases related to gastrointestinal diseases, like esophageal cancer and colorectal polyps. It may be used in dermatology to treat skin diseases like acne and pigmented lesions. It can also treat glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye conditions.

Benefits Of Thulium Fiber Laser In Turkey

Thulium fiber laser has several benefits and advantages over traditional treatments and other surgical methods. The major benefits of thulium fiber laser are


Thulium fiber lasers release light at a certain wavelength that is absorbed by water and soft tissues, which helps in the accurate targeting of the specified area. It lowers the chances of other complications and causes minimal damage.

Minimal Heat Damage

Thulium fiber lasers release very few heat waves and reduce the risk of thermal damage to the tissues. It helps the patients with a quick recovery period, and they feel less pain and discomfort.


Thulium fiber lasers are safe for medical treatments, as they do not release harmful radiation, and their exposure causes minimal damage to the human skin. This makes them suitable for use in delicate areas, such as the eyes, ears, and nose.


Thulium fiber lasers consume less energy to achieve the desired effect, making it one of the most effective treatment methods. It is highly affordable, and the treatment time is less, with fewer sessions than other methods.
Thulium fiber lasers are safe, effective, and versatile tools for medical treatments, and they offer several benefits over traditional surgical methods. Get a consultation from our experts on the benefits of thulium fiber lasers.

Approach Liv Hospital For The Best Thulium Fiber Laser Treatments In Turkey

Thulium fiber lasers have several advantages in medical treatments, especially in minimally invasive surgeries. The main advantage of thulium fiber lasers is that they emit high-energy light at a specific wavelength to be absorbed by water and tissues. It is an ideal method for cutting, coagulating, and reducing soft tissues without damaging surrounding areas, making it an effective treatment option for urology treatments.
Liv Hospital has the best international standard treatments, including the latest thulium fiber laser technology. It has seven hospitals in Turkey with highly qualified professionals with experience handling high-end medical equipment. They provide the best treatments with thulium fiber laser urology in Turkey. Get the best thulium fiber laser treatment from us while enjoying the scenic beauty of Turkey. If you want to know the thulium fiber laser treatment prices in Turkey in 2023, visit us.

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