Facial Aesthetics

Deformations on the face, signs of aging, prominent lip and cheek lines, sagging neck and cheeks undoubtedly remind the person that years have passed. With facial plastic surgery, this condition can be reversed.


3 basic changes occur in the aging process

Tissues begin to sag due to loss of bearing and suspension strength, reduced elasticity and decreased collagen fiber resistance. This effect, highlights existing grooves and holes, and casuses the skin to loosen. Eyebrows and eyelids sag, and a groove is formed between the eye and cheek. The cheeks sag, and a deep canal emerges between the lips and cheeks. The corner of the mouth turns downward, the skin of the neck hangs and neck bands are formed.

Soft tissues weaken and diminish. This reduces cheek fullness, the pit of the eye becomes more prominent and the eyes become smaller, the skin becomes thinner. Not only soft tissues, but facial bones weaken too. Thus, the oval shape of the face in youth takes becomes a rectangle over time.
Skin quality deteriorates. Subtle fractures, blemishes and facial expression lines arise on the skin.

Smoking causes aging

Factors such as irregular life, smoking, stressed personality, excessive exposure to sun, and inadequate fluid intake may increase the effects of aging. At Liv Hospital Ulus Plastic, Aesthetics and Reconstructive Clinic, examination findings allows us to identify parts of the face that need intervention. The effects of aging can be reversed by applying some or all of forehead and eyebrow, open or endoscopic midface lifting, face and neck lifting operations together or separately. At Liv Hospital Ulus Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic, stem cell applications, PRP and fibroblast applications, stem cell enriched fat filling applications support the success of procedures.

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