Linak - 4D Image-Mediated Radiotherapy

Effective irradiation device in cancer treatment: Linear accelerator (LINAK) - Versa HD 4D Image-guided radiotherapy IG-IMRT/SRS/SBRT

Linear accelerators, which are used effectively in the treatment of almost all cancers in the Liv Hospital Ulus Radiation Oncology Clinic, are modern radiotherapy devices working with high dose x-rays. Choosing the right device is very important in order to ensure that normal (healthy) tissues are protected during treatment, while the most intensive treatment dose is applied to cancerous tissues.  Linak devices, which are equipped with 3 and 4 dimensional image-guided systems that allow patient positioning with millimeter accuracy before and during the treatment, constitute the current standard in the correct application of radiotherapy (Image-guided Radiotherapy).

How is LINAK used?

•    Coordinates of the tumor region identified using images obtained from medical imaging devices (MR, CT, PET), surgical findings and clinical examination are determined. The 'Treatment area', including tissues at risk of cancer around these cells, is determined. Normal tissues are also identified and defined in treatment planning systems. 
•    Depending on the location and size of the treatment area, X-ray intensity and application direction are determined. The patient is placed in a fixed position, which is the same as the position in the simulator. 
•    The mobility of the treatment table is very precise and includes rotations, which are important in patient positioning. 
•    As very high-energy X-rays are used during treatment, no one other than the patient is present in the treatment room. 
•    The rooms where the devices used in external radiotherapy are located are specially isolated and armored rooms, they are extremely safe.  Its doors are thick and its walls are specially armored and made of licensed materials.
•    The treatment is carried out by radiotherapy technicians through the control console outside. In the room where the console is located, there are cameras at different angles and monitors showing physical parameters to monitor the patient during the treatment.
•    The suitability of the treatment area is checked before each treatment (image-guided radiotherapy)

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