Versa-HD Hexapod

One of the important factors that provide success in radiotherapy is the device technology used. Liv Hospital Radiation Oncology Department uses one of the latest technologies called Versa-HD Hexapod linear accelerator.


Maximum Protection in Strong Tissues

During the treatment with TrueBeam, the tumor is exposed to the desired density, with almost full accuracy, fast dose application is performed, while the environment provides maximum protection in the intact tissues.

TrueBeam, which makes a big difference in the treatment of lung, breast, prostate and spinal region cancers thanks to its synchronized motion tracking feature, is used in the treatment of all types of cancer that require radiotherapy.

A first in Turkey in Liv Hospital

Another important aspect of radiotherapy is the accurate calculation of the treatment dose to be given in radiotherapy. Live Hospital will be used for the first time in Acuros XB dose calculation more accurate treatment planning software with other system in Turkey is achieved in less time.

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