Liv Hospital Vadistanbul

Newborn Intensive Care

Liv Hospital Vadi Newborn Intensive Care Unit allows babies to receive the most accurate treatment with its expert team and high technology equipment like incubators.


Babies are Placed in Separate Rooms in Intensive Care

Severe hospital infections can adversely affect the brain development of infants and may cause serious sequelae for life. In order to eliminate the risk of infection, Liv Hospital Neonatal Unit places each infant in separate rooms, a first in Turkey. In our clinic, no hospital infections are seen in newborns. Physicians are very selective in administering antibiotics to all infants at the unit, using smart antibiotics.

Separate Room for Each Premature Baby

Infection rate in the Liv Hospital Neonatal Unit is only 2 percent, especially, since premature infants who require sensitive care are treated in separate rooms. While this figure is around 15-20 percent internationally, the survival rate in very low birth weight babies born under 1000 grams in our hospital is 100 percent.

In Collaboration with Experienced Physicians 

When necessary, a multidisciplinary approach is adopted with the support of other units when necessary. It collaborates with experienced physicians from pediatric neurology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric endocrinology, cardiovascular surgery, retina and neurosurgery branches.

Examinations are Performed at the Incubator

In our unit, ultrasound imaging, direct radiological examinations, retinal examinations, hearing tests, brain EEG and ECG can be performed without moving the babies from their beds. Thanks to portable technological services, medical examinations of babies are carried out in comfort and safety.

Advanced Premature Infants are Discharged in Health

In Liv Hospital Newborn Care Unit, where neonatal intensive care technology meets experience; advanced premature infants and newborns in other risk groups can be discharged in health. Newborns under risk may need to be followed up in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) after birth. All patients discharged from the NICU should come to the Risk Baby Monitoring Polyclinic.

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