Monkeypox Virus

Monkeypox; It is a disease that spreads from animals to humans and occurs mainly in the Tropical Rainforest region of Central and West Africa. It is rarely detected in other regions of the world. Factor; Monkeypox virus from the Poxviridea family.
Liv Hospital Infectious Diseases Clinic; It has a staff of physicians and health personnel who will diagnose and monitor Monkey Pox disease.

How is Monkeypox virus transmitted?

It is transmitted to people as a result of close contact with infected animals or their contaminated material. In human-to-human transmission, close contact with skin lesions, bodily fluids of sick persons and respiratory droplets or materials contaminated with the secretions of the sick person, such as bed linen, plays a role.

What are the symptoms of Monkeypox virus?

Monkeypox virus; It typically presents with fever, rash, enlarged lymph nodes. It is an important feature of the rash to be found on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and the face.
It usually heals spontaneously in 2-4 weeks, rarely severe cases may occur. In recent cases; mortality rate was found to be 3-6%.  In general, the clinical picture is similar to Smallpox, which was known to have been eradicated from the World in 1980; however, Monkeypox virus is less contagious and the disease it causes is not as severe as Smallpox.

How is Monkeypox virus treated?

The treatment is generally aimed at the symptoms and preventing the long-term effects by treating the bacterial infections added to it. The patient should be provided with a balanced diet and fluid intake.
The drug, an antiviral agent developed for smallpox, was also approved by the EMA for the treatment of Monkeypox in 2022; but it is not in widespread use yet.

Is there a vaccine for Monkeypox disease?

The vaccine, which was applied to eradicate smallpox from the whole world, also provides protection against Monkeypox disease. In addition, new vaccines against Monkeypox virus have been developed and one of them has been approved.

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