Invisible Braces Treatment

Invisalign, that is, Transparent Plaque Treatment, is applied in Liv Hospital Oral and Dental Health Clinic.

Invisalign is an important treatment application that is used in the field of dentistry today and makes patients with dental problems smile with its successful results. While braces treatment is a method that usually causes patients to worry about their appearance, Invisalign, also known as Clear Plaque Treatment, is now very effective in putting an end to outdated methods such as braces.

What is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign is a special form of treatment used in modern orthodontic studies. The most important feature is that the plastic material used is transparent. This specially produced plastic structure aligns the teeth at different stages and eliminates the problems related to tooth misalignment. Smooth-looking teeth improve patients' eating-chewing functions. It allows him to smile with self-confidence and to speak comfortably in social situations.

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

Transparent plaque treatment time may differ from person to person. Generally, this process takes between half a year and a year and a half. It is much more effective in terms of aesthetics than braces. Specially prepared plastic material can be easily removed when desired. Braces, on the other hand, can make the patient very difficult when brushing teeth or eating. Invisalign method provides convenience to the patient in such cases.

Why Prefer Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign is very advantageous for the person using transparent dental apparatus. People who wear braces may experience visual discomfort while talking, laughing or eating. Invisalign tools with a transparent appearance are not easily noticed when laughing, talking, eating and drinking. They can be cleaned easily and since there is no metal structure restricting movement in the mouth, they give the person the freedom to eat the food they want comfortably.

The feature that has an important place among the advantages of Invisalign is that the material used does not cause discomfort to the patient. The soft and comfortable apparatus does not make the patient feel uncomfortable when opening and closing the mouth, talking or laughing. Unlike braces, clear dental plaques are an almost imperceptible solution.
Braces, which are predominantly made of metal, are a major obstacle to a person's dental care. The wires used in the treatment of tooth shape and row disorders can often cause neglect and cause different dental problems. In the Invisalign method, the patient can remove the clear aligners and replace the apparatus after completing dental and oral care. Besides, plastic clear plates do not need much maintenance.

How Is Invisalign Treatment Performed?

Specially designed plastic plates are used in Invisalign treatment, which prevents the use of metal wires. These plates are also connected by non-metal fastening joints. Before proceeding to the application phase, the patient is examined, dental films are taken, and the tooth model is transferred to digital media with dental scanning devices. Plates suitable for the individual are prepared in the laboratory together with the scan data obtained.

Invisalign plates are replaced at regular intervals. Installed plates need to be renewed every 10-15 days. Outside of this period, the patient should try to keep the plates in the mouth as much as possible. Physicians will ask the patient to use dental plaques for 20 – 22 hours a day. Invisalign plates may not be used during eating and drinking times. The important thing is that they are used as regularly as possible in order for the teeth to gain the correct appearance.

Can the Mouth Be Moved With Transparent Plates?

Plaques are different from braces in structure. It is much easier to use. However, some patients wonder how to make mouth and tooth movements with these plates. Technological tools are used in the preparation of transparent plaque. After the mouth scan, your mouth and tooth structure will be displayed in the digital environment. At this point, your doctor sees your mouth movements on the screen and plate production is done accordingly.

Technological possibilities are also a great advantage for patients. The results of an unfinished treatment can be viewed by patients on the screen. Patients will better understand how the transparent aligners will look after they are inserted. Adults and children can be treated with Invisalign. It is an ideal method for teeth with mild visual impairment. Those who want to have plaque application must first undergo a physician examination.

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