Preparing the Patient for Kidney Transplantation

Preparing the Patient for Kidney Transplantation Overview

In an average of one week, detailed examinations of the patient who will undergo kidney transplantation are performed and necessary laboratory examinations are requested. It is clarified that there is no obstacle for the patient to undergo surgery, especially in terms of infection and heart diseases. During these examinations, medical examinations such as x-ray, tomography, endoscopy, scintigraphy may be required by the relevant physicians. Immune system tests are performed to determine the recipient's risk of kidney rejection.

After the completion of all the examinations, the donor and patient files are evaluated for the last time in a meeting attended by the relevant physicians and the operation date is clarified.

When is the Patient's Own Kidneys Required?

If the kidneys have grown too much in patients who will have a kidney transplant, if there is an infection-causing stone or if there is urine leakage from the bladder to the kidney, the patient's own kidney can be removed before or during the transplant.

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