Coronary CT Angiography

Sudden cardiovascular disorders are usually caused by the detachment of the plaques that do not cause constriction. Early diagnosis of coronary artery disease can be diagnosed with coronary CT.


Bloodless Heart Angiography in Seconds

CT coronary angiography, unlike classical cardiac angiography, coronary vessels within 3-5 seconds, just like the arm vein from the serum using the contrast agent used in classical angiography, hospitalization is one of the latest technological imaging methods that can be done without requiring hospitalization. With this technology, not only the heart vessels; heart chambers, heart and surrounding, as well as the lungs and pulmonary vessels entering the image area can also be evaluated.

High Resolution, High Reliability

The sensitivity of the device in Liv Hospital Radiology Department is 86-100%. The accuracy of the diagnosis is up to 90-95 percent. The evaluation of stenosis in the coronary arteries is provided by the latest technology vascular analysis program. At the same time, ventricular function and myocardium can be evaluated. The condition of the stents placed in the coronary arteries is evaluated with high reliability thanks to high resolution images. This study is performed with a low radiation dose of up to 80 percent compared to all other devices available. All these operations can be achieved with the latest technology 256-section multislice CT devices.

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