Vascular Interventions

The Liv Hospital Radiology Clinic offers the opportunity to treat brain tumors from brain aneurysms with invasive radiology techniques without having surgery in many diseases. The patient can be discharged directly after the procedure.

The clinic has a high-tech angiography device that guides initiatives. The patient is treated with varicose vein treatment that provides 100% improvement in the clinic and the patient can be discharged immediately after treatment.

Vascular Diagnosis and Treatments

  • Stenting and angioplasty procedures (Aortic, iliac, renal, mesenteric, femoral and subseal veins, upper extremity, dialysis fistula strictures)
  • Aneurysm treatment
  • Preoperative embolization of hypervascular tumors (Bone tumor metastasis, RCC, neural tumors)
  • Embolization treatment as a minimally invasive option in the treatment of myomas and adenomyosis
  • Tissue biopsies, drainage and RF aplocation treatments in oncologic patients
  • Treatment of local advanced liver tumors
  • Local tumor ablation in patients without surgical candidate (RF ablation, microwave ablation, nanoknife) / (Liver, lung, kidney and thyroid)
  • Fine needle and tru-cut whole organ bioses (Liver, kidney, lung, bone, prostate, thyroid, pancreas)
  • Abscess, collection, biliary system, urinary system, pleural and peritoneal fluid drainage

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