Wonder System

Non-Surgical, Muscle Building, Fat Burning, Body Shaping, Butt Lift Aesthetics Technology; Wonder

The only way to lose weight and have a healthy, fit body; undergoes intense and controlled muscle activity. By combining electromagnetic muscle stimulation with high-intensity selective neurostimulation, Wonder works on the main muscles of the body simultaneously and provides a fit look with comfortable 25-minute sessions. It helps build muscle and burn excess fat in a few sessions. A single treatment session with Wonder's powerful technology is equivalent to 3-4 hours of physical sports activity.

Body reshaping therapies focus on skin and fat, while Wonder focuses on the real cause. The secret of non-surgical butt lift treatment with Wonder technology; is muscle mass. With Wonder technology, hips, abdomen, arms and legs can be worked on at the same time and strength, endurance and balance in the body are increased.
  • 25 minutes
  • whole body shaping
  • Instant slimming
  • increase in muscle mass

Why Wonder Treatment?

Thanks to high-intensity electromagnetic energy and selective neurostimulation, Wonder causes muscles to tighten, grow and develop rapidly, causing 36,000 muscle contractions in 25 minutes. It activates the muscles beyond any physiological norm and ensures fat loss in the area around the muscle.

The buttock enlargement treatment with Wonder consists of quick but exciting 25-minute sessions in which our muscles will contract intensely and deeply. It works in people with a Body Mass Index greater than 30 and regardless of how deep the muscle is. High-intensity electromagnetic energy combined with selective neurostimulation produces a unique muscle shaping and regeneration effect. After a few sessions, the hips are lifted and tightened.

What Effect Does Wonder Have?

  • Strengthens the pelvic floor
  • Cellulite and stretch marks are removed
  • Firming in the arms
  • Weight is lost
  • It makes muscular legs, a flat stomach, visible muscles, butt / hip lift.

How Does Wonder Work?

Wonder uses electromagnetic and electrical impulses to cause thousands of powerful and deep muscle contractions. Alerts are generated by the device. It is transmitted to the skin surface on the muscles to be stimulated by means of electromagnetic panels and sensors. The impulses cause the muscles to contract. The result is therefore similar to real movement and regular muscle contractions. Electromagnetic and electrical muscle stimulation therapy with Wonder is based on mimicking the signals the brain sends to the muscles. During physical exercise, the brain sends out impulses that stimulate muscles that can already contract. However, muscles with a less developed connection to the brain do not contract or develop as quickly.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift

As with intense physical training, treatment with wonder causes the gluteal muscle fibers to break down and regenerate larger, stronger. The muscle contractions created by Wonder are not like normal contractions, they are supramaximal contractions. Therefore, it creates more tension and requires more energy than normal voluntary contraction.

Helps tighten the skin

Wonder also helps tighten the skin. Cellulite, stretch marks or sagging skin are visibly reduced due to the great increase in the vascularity of the connective tissue. It helps you burn the accumulated fat by radically building muscle. It increases calorie consumption and supports rapid fat loss. Unlike regular exercise, results begin to be seen within 2 to 4 weeks.

Advantages of Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation

Muscle tissue increases: After 4 sessions, muscle mass increases by an average of 18%. This difference is especially noticeable in untrained people.

Strength increases: The regeneration of muscle fibers results in an improvement in the quality and quantity of the muscle. Gradually increasing both superficial and deep muscles without risk of injury and at high intensity increases muscle strength.

Increases resistance: Wonder's functional magnetic stimulation creates maximum muscle stimulation, increasing the resistance of the treated muscles. Improves cardiovascular efficiency and recovery rate.

Increases blood circulation:  Electromagnetic muscle stimulation facilitates the expansion of blood vessels, increased blood flow, and oxygen and nutrient supply to muscle fibers. Wonder tightens the skin and corrects its appearance.

Reduces musculoskeletal disorders: In mild or moderate cases of scoliosis, it stops or slows the process of abnormal curvature of the spine by stimulating the back muscles.

Improves metabolic efficiency: Radical muscle effort re-regulates the body's energy needs by triggering the consumption of calories.

Reduces body fat: In treatment with Wonder, there is an increase in the muscles of the body, while weight and especially body fat are significantly reduced. Waist, hip and thigh diameters are reduced. With the increase and stability of the gluteal muscles, the volume in the waist decreases.

Pelvic muscle rehabilitation: Wonder use in pelvic floor treatmentIt is very effective in inflammation and tissue loss processes. It reduces the tension in the muscles as well as contractures and nodules.

No recovery time required: Risk-free and complication-free, powerful functional magnetic stimulation therapy with Wonder produces only muscle soreness in the days after treatment and requires no recovery time.

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