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Lymphedema Treatment and Prevention

Lymphedema Treatment and Prevention

Lymphedema is the accumulation of too much lymph in any part of the body and the resulting swelling.
Lymphedema Treatment and Prevention

In breast cancer treatment; Lymphedema may develop usually in the arms and hands, but sometimes in the breast, armpit, chest, trunk and/or abdomen.

Treatment and prevention of lymphedema involves a number of approaches aimed at reducing and controlling fluid accumulation in the lymphatic system. Physical therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, compression therapy, and exercise are important treatment methods that help relieve lymphedema symptoms. In addition, proper skin care, maintaining an appropriate body weight and reducing the risk of infection are among the important preventive strategies to prevent the progression of the disease and prevent lymphedema.

Lymphedema Treatment and Prevention at Liv Hospital


Patients who apply to our hospital with lymphedema complaints are first given a physical examination by General Surgery Specialists who specialize in breast diseases. After taking the patient's detailed history, radiological examinations are performed if necessary. The patient is then referred to the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic, Lymphedema Unit for further evaluation and treatment.

Which Physicians and Clinics are Collaborated with?


General Surgery Specialists who specialize in breast diseases work in cooperation with Radiology, Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy Specialists.