Areas of Interests
    • Carrying out resuscitation measures according to "Advance Cardiac Life Support" protocols;
    • Placement of central vascular catheters (artery, vein), placement of catheters in peripheral vessels;
    • Nasotracheal and oral intubation; use of artificial respiration devices;
    • Changing and maintaining tracheostomy tubes;
    • Placing a nasogastric tube;
    • Urinary tract catheterization;
    • Placement of a temporary pacemaker;
    • ECG interpretation;
    • Echocardiography basics
    • Use of an intra-aortic balloon pump

  • Azerbaijan Medical University, 1st Faculty of General Medicine (I was admitted directly to the 2nd course with the additional education program) 2018
  • Internship at the base of City Clinical Hospital No. 3, Baku city, Infectious diseases doctor specialty (Certificate No. 0683) 2009-2010
  • Azerbaijan Medical University, Faculty of Medical Prevention (diploma BB-I 012463) 2004-2009


Work experience:

  • Liv Bona Dea Hospital, Doctor Anesthesiologist 2019 – present
  • Infectious disease doctor position at the Baku Heart Center of the Republican Diagnostic Center, Reanimation and intensive therapy section of the Heart and Vascular Surgery Department 04.01.2013-09.26.2018
  • Consultative polyclinic department of the Central Neftchilar Hospital, infectious disease doctor 02.15.2013-02.20.2018
  • Internal infection control service of the Central Neftchilar Hospital, the position of physician infectious disease specialist, Resuscitation and intensive care unit of Cardiovascular Surgery department 12.28.2011 – 02.15.2013
  • City Clinical Hospital No. 3, intern position 08.06.2009-07.06.2010
  • MediClub MMM, Doctor - coordinator consultant position 01.01.2009-01.08.2009



  • Post-operative period management, treatment, and prevention of hospital infections in adults and children at the intensive therapy and resuscitation department of the Central Neftchilar Hospital under the guidance of Professor Ermanno Mazza 01.06.2010- 31.08.2012
  • Russian Federation, city of Moscow, training on "Modern approaches to anesthesiology-reanimation assistance" additional professional program, 144 hours (Certificate 772402423319) 28.09.2015 - 26.10. 2015:
  • A.Aliyev Azerbaijan State Medical Training Institute, Department of Infectious Diseases (certificate AH N 023274) 06.20.2016-06.24.2016
  • IRCCS Policlinico San Donato, Milano, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit (Reference letter) March 2017:
  • European Resuscitation Council, Basic Life Support Instructor candidate course (ERC-471-992741)


  • Since 2012, a member of the working group of the intensive care unit at the Central Neftchilar Hospital in "Children's Cardiac Surgery Weeks" held together with the experts on congenital heart diseases of San Donato Hospital in Milan.
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