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Neurological Exam in Turkey

Neurological Exam in Turkey

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  • Why are Neurological Exams Important?
  • Neurological Examination Process in Turkey
  • Types of Neurological Examinations in Turkey
  • Liv Hospitals - The Best Medical Care in Turkey
  • A neurological exam is a physical check-up that aims to identify any signs of disorders that may affect your brain, spinal cord, and nerves - collectively known as the nervous system. A neuro exam is crucial for healthcare providers to assess the functionality of your brain and nervous system and decide on the necessary course of action. Each neuro exam is different, and the exams will be based on your needs and symptoms. Due to the complexity of the nervous system, it may take some time to complete both the physical examination and interview.

    If you have a nervous system disorder, the neurological exam is essential to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment. So, healthcare providers can adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

    Read on to find out more about Neuro Exams in Istanbul.

    Why are Neurological Exams Important?

    A comprehensive assessment of the patient's nervous system is essential if there is even the remotest potential that an underlying problem may exist. Problems with daily functioning could be caused by nervous system impairment. Early detection may make it simpler to identify the cause and mitigate long-term issues.
    You could have a full neurological exam in Turkey under the following circumstances:

    • During a regular checkup

    • After any kind of trauma

    • To monitor a disease's development

    • If the individual has any of these grievances:

    • Errors in memory

    • Headaches

    • Hazy vision

    • A shift in behavior

    • Extreme fatigue

    • Alterations in coordination or balance

    • Arms or legs that are numb or tingly

    • Lower range of motion in the arms or legs

    • Head, neck, or back injuries

    • High fever

    • Seizures

    • Unsteady speech

    • Weakness

    • Tremor

    Neurological Examination Process in Turkey

    A conversation regarding your symptoms, including how long you've had them and how they affect daily living, precedes the process of a neurological checkup in Turkey. Any additional medical conditions you have should be disclosed to your neurologist.

    Your healthcare practitioner in Istanbul will perform a physical examination to evaluate one or more aspects of the way your nervous system is operating.
    These consist of:

    Cognitive state of mind

    Testing your cognition can give you valuable insight into your memory, reasoning, and emotional state.

    You might need to:

    • Describe the day, time, and place in detail.

    • Make a loud count.

    • Elaborate on how you are feeling.

    • Recite a few words back to back.

    Evaluation of the cranial nerves

    Your cranial nerves allow your brain and upper body to interact. This evaluation aids in identifying brain illnesses that target particular regions.

    It might entail:

    • Observing how your tongue, eyes, and face move.

    • Testing your eyes and pupils

    • Observing sense of hearing and smell

    Coordination, Movement, and Balance

    These exams measure how well your brain communicates with the muscles that support your ability to move, stand upright, and carry out simple tasks.
    They might include:

    • Touching your nose after closing your eyes.

    • Testing movement in your arms and legs.

    • Writing your name requires fine motor skills.

    • Taking a few steps on your heels or toes, or walking straight.


    Your neurologist assesses how quickly you react automatically to different triggers. These exams demonstrate how effectively your brain and body are connected via nerves.

    This could entail:

    • Stimulating your foot's sole.

    • Using a rubber hammer to tap your knee or other tendons and feeling for movement.

    • Checking to see whether your abdominal muscles contract by lightly touching the area there.

    Sensory Examination

    Your capacity to feel pain, temperature, and other sensations will be assessed in this section of the test. It might entail:

    • Focusing on moving your toes while your eyes are closed.

    • Using hot or cold things on your skin.

    • Asking you if you feel a slight touch by a cotton ball.

    • Using a tuning fork or a pin to make contact with various areas of your body.

    Consciousness Level

    This kind of examination measures brain activity while you're not totally conscious. The Glasgow Coma Scale measures your capability to carry out fundamental commands, including:

    • Responsive action to a command or order.

    • Getting your eyes open.

    • Speaking.

    Autonomic Nervous System

    Vital processes like respiration and blood pressure are under the direction of your autonomic nervous system.
    This exam component could include:

    • Your ability to exercise control over your bowels and bladder.

    • Evaluating BP in different positions.

    • Additional examinations as required.

    Types of Neurological Examinations in Turkey

    Here are the most popular procedures of Neurological Examinations in Turkey:

    Cerebral Angiogram

    This test enables doctors to get a clear X-Ray of the brain’s blood vessels with help from the injection of a dye. A catheter is placed into a groin artery while the patient is supine on a table. The dye can then be delivered into the head via the catheter after it has been advanced through the arterial system.

    CT Scan

    You are invited to recline on a comfortable table outside for this examination while a series of unique X-rays are obtained. A quick head CT can be completed in under 30 seconds. Other body part scans could take up to 30 minutes.

    Lumbar Puncture

    The patient is instructed to lie on his or her side with the knees tucked up close to the chest. A local anesthetic is administered to the center of the lower back. The cerebrospinal fluid is then drawn out using a needle. The process lasts only a few moments. This operation is barely uncomfortable in skilled hands.

    Liv Hospitals - The Best Medical Care in Turkey

    Neurological examinations are a crucial part of leading a healthy lifestyle. From preventive care to effective early-stage treatments, neurological exams provide you with multiple benefits. After Neurological Examinations in Liv Hospital, you will come out with a better understanding of your own body and the procedures that can help you live a better, healthy, and wonderful life. Patients from all over the world can attest to the affordable Neurological Exam cost in Turkey.

    Liv Hospital is a chain of medical institutions focusing on restructuring the future of healthcare. Taking into consideration the annual medical checkup prices in Turkey 2023, Liv Hospital promises comprehensive medical services that will be tailored to meet your specific requirements. With seven hospitals, we provide the best medical care in Turkey. Liv Hospital technology for Types of Neurological Examinations and treatments is state-of-the-art and the medicare is the most professional care money can buy in Istanbul.

    Whether you are looking for a regular neuro checkup or you have specific concerns to address, you can reach out to Liv Hospital.

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