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Liv Hospital Expo

We will hold the Expo fair, which will be held for the first time by a healthcare institution in Turkey, on 3-4 December at Radisson Blu Vadistanbul, with the contributions of ERI Global, an American company, and Bobbie Celler, its CEO. Our goal at this fair, which will be attended by investors, airline companies, pharmaceutical companies and medical tourism agencies from many parts of the world, is to show the investors and medical tourism agencies that Turkey and the Liv Hospital brand are a center of attraction in the field of health. In this fair, where we will have panels on Oncology, Orthopedics, Aesthetics, Cardiovascular Surgery, Pediatric Health and Diseases and Robotic Surgery, our physicians from many branches will make their presentations. In addition to our panels, companies with sponsorship agreements will also have the opportunity to open stands and make speeches at this fair. The Expo fair, which will also offer B2B facilities in VIP rooms, aims to physically reach 500 people at the same time in the event area. The infrastructure required to meet thousands of participants from all over the world with live broadcasts at the same time has been completed.

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