Organ Transplantation

An organ transplantation center is a special health institution that plans, coordinates, evaluates and performs organ transplantations.
Organ Transplantation

What is Organ Transplantation

An organ transplantation center is a special health institution that plans, coordinates, evaluates and performs organ transplantations. These centers supervise organ transplantation processes by establishing appropriate connections between organ donors and recipients.

Transplantation centers often include multidisciplinary teams of specialists that include surgeons, coordinators, hematologists, nephrologists, and other healthcare professionals who specialize in this field.

Which Procedures Are Performed in the Organ Transplantation Center

Organ transplantation centers are facilities where organ transplantation operations are performed and organ donation is organized. The following procedures are performed in these facilities:

Organ Transplantation Operations: Organ transplantation centers transfer donated organs to the recipients. These operations are usually performed for organs such as the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and intestines.

Organ Donation Coordination: Organ transplantation centers coordinate organ donation processes. They manage the organization and communication processes to deliver organs received from donors to suitable recipients.

Donor and Recipient Matching: Organ transplantation centers use computer systems to match donor organs with suitable recipients. This matching process is usually based on blood type, tissue compatibility and other factors.

Patient Evaluation: Before the organs of the recipient candidates and donors are obtained, a patient evaluation is performed. This evaluation is performed to determine the general health status and suitability of both the recipient and the donor.

Postoperative Care and Monitoring: After organ transplantation operations, postoperative care and monitoring of recipients and donors is performed. This process is important to ensure that the organ is compatible and to detect any complications early.

Liv Hospital Organ Transplantation Center

Liv Hospital Organ Transplantation Center is one of Türkiye's reference organ transplantation centers with its service manner at international standards, experienced staff, and technological equipment.

In our organ transplantation center;

From living and cadaveric donors, in adult and child age groups; kidney transplantation, liver transplantation, pancreas transplantation are performed.

    Experienced Center and Specialist Team

    Organ transplantation requires an experienced team and a well-equipped center. Multiple organ transplantations and pediatric transplantations are performed in reliable centers under the supervision of physicians specialized in their fields. With our years of experience in liver, kidney and pancreas transplantations (approximately 5000 kidneys and 1000 liver transplants), our team quickly provides solutions to patients' health problems both during operations and during the follow-up phase, ensuring high rates of patient and organ survival.

    Our center makes a difference with the combined organ transplantations it performs in patients who need more than one organ transplantation.

    In pediatric patients; early post-operative follow-ups are also carried out in pediatric intensive care units in our hospital that has Pediatric Nephrology and Pediatric Gastroenterology sub-branch specialties.

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