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Prominent Ear (Otoplasty) Surgery in Turkey

Prominent Ear (Otoplasty) Surgery in Turkey

Prominent ear surgery is a surgical procedure performed for the purpose of reshaping the auricle if the ears have a protruding appearance. Thanks to prominent ear surgery, the patient's ear deformity gets a better appearance. In order for the postoperative recovery process to pass quickly and complications not to be seen, it is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations and make the necessary care applications. You can read the rest of the article for more comprehensive answers to the questions of "What is a prominent ear?" and "How is the prominent ear fixed?".


What Is Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)?

Prominent ear surgery is an aesthetic operation performed for the purpose of reshaping the ears if there is a protrusion of the ears or an appearance of large ears. This procedure is also called otoplasty in medicine. Surgery allows the ears to have a more symmetrical and aesthetic appearance and is usually preferred due to dissatisfaction with the external appearance of the ears. Although otoplasty is common among children and teenagers, it may be suitable for people at any age. The procedure can also be performed due to earlobe problems.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Performed?

Prominent ear surgery (otoplasty) is performed by cutting and reshaping the cartilage tissues located behind the auricle and removing them when necessary. Although surgery is not the same for everyone, it is performed under local anesthesia in children, and under general anesthesia in adults and can take several hours. After the operation, patients may usually feel slight pain, swelling and bruising. After surgery, patients are usually discharged on the same day and can return to their normal activities within a few days.

What Should Be Taken into Account After Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)?


After prominent ear surgery, it is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations and go to regular follow-up appointments in order for the healing process to pass more healthily and quickly. Some factors that should be considered after prominent ear surgery are as follows:

  • Resting in the first days after surgery and using a pillow that keeps the head high, especially when lying down.

  • Regularly using painkillers, antibiotics or other medications recommended by the doctor.

  • Performing the necessary wound care to ensure that the wound area remains clean and dry.

  • Avoiding exercise and other activities for several weeks after surgery.

  • Not wearing clothes that can put pressure on the ears.

  • Avoiding impacts and blows so that the ears are not damaged.

After prominent ear surgery, it may take a few weeks for the person to return to normal life and for the ears to fully recover. For this reason, it may be beneficial to pay attention to the above-mentioned issues during the healing process.

Is Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Risky?

As with any surgical procedure, prominent ear surgery may also involve certain risks. The risks that may occur in this operation are low and complications are rare. In general, some possible risks can be counted as follows.

  • Infection in the wound area after surgery

  • Bleeding during or after surgery

  • Asymmetry problem in the ears

  • Temporary or permanent loss of hearing of the ears

  • Scars that may occur during the postoperative wound healing process

Before surgery, it is important to discuss the risks and possible complications indicated with the doctor who will perform the procedure and to comply with the doctor's recommendations in order to minimize the risks.

What is the Advantage of Having a Prominent Ear Surgery?

A prominent ear is a condition in which the ear curves outward more noticeably than usual. Aesthetic concerns may arise in people who have this condition, and some people may be quite uncomfortable with this condition. With ear aesthetics, an increase in self-confidence, a better aesthetic appearance, being more comfortable in social life, a permanent solution and recovery can be achieved in a short time. Comments after prominent ear surgery, on the other hand, usually contain satisfaction.

What is the Disadvantage of Having a Prominent Ear Surgery?


There may be disadvantages to having a prominent ear reduction surgery, albeit rarely. These may include risks related to general anesthesia, risks such as infection, bleeding, scars, and aesthetic consequences such as asymmetry in the ears. In such cases, there may be problems such as the operation not giving the desired result, or repeated operations.

Is There an Age Range For Prominent Ear Surgery?

There is no specific age range for prominent ear surgery. In order for the operation to take place, it is usually expected that the development of the ears will be completed. The most appropriate method to decide on the age range for prominent ear surgery is medical evaluations to be performed by an otolaryngologist or plastic surgeon. In these evaluations, the most appropriate treatment plan is determined by taking into account factors such as the structure, size and shape of the ears.

Prominent Ear Surgery For Children (Otoplasty)

Prominent ear surgery is usually considered a safe procedure for children. Prominent ear surgery (otoplasty) for children is usually performed between the ages of 4 and 14. At this age, the ears become proportional to other parts of the child's body, and the growth rate of the ears slows down. For this reason, symmetry problems that can be seen after surgery are less common and the effect of surgery is higher.

Prominent Ear Surgery For Adults (Otoplasty)

Prominent ear surgery (otoplasty) is a procedure that can also be performed for adults. However, since the growth rate of adult ears is slower than that of children, the shape and size of the ears may change less after surgery.

Prominent Ear Surgery Prices

The price of prominent ear surgery may vary from the region and equipment of the healthcare institution to factors such as the experience of the doctor who will perform the operation and the general health status of the patient. Ear aesthetics prices may also vary depending on the type of insurance that the person is affiliated with. It is not possible to specify a clear price because otoplasty prices are generally determined on a personal basis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prominent Ear Surgery:

How long does prominent ear surgery take?

Although the duration of the prominent ear surgery depends on the shape, size of the person's ears and the method in which the operation will be performed, it usually takes 2-3 hours.

For how many days do patients feel pain after prominent ear surgery?

Mild to moderate pain may be felt during the first few days after prominent ear surgery. The observed pains can be reduced with pain-killers and ice compress applications used on the recommendation of a doctor.

Is prominent ear surgery easy?

The easiness of prominent ear surgery may depend on the person's ear shape, size and the method in which the operation will be performed. Some techniques are more complex, while some techniques may be simpler and less invasive (surgical incision).

When does the swelling go down after prominent ear surgery?

After prominent ear surgery, most of the patients may experience slight swelling and bruising at the surgical site. The swelling usually starts to decrease during the first week and becomes less noticeable towards the end of the second week.

Does the ear return to its former state after prominent ear surgery?

After the prominent ear surgery, the shape of the ears is changed and made compatible with the head. Therefore, it is unlikely that the ears will completely return to their previous state after surgery.

When does the prominent ear surgery scar fade?

Scars formed after prominent ear surgery usually decrease and become pale over time with the healing of the skin at the surgical site. It may take a few months to a year for the scars to completely disappear.

How many days after the prominent ear surgery can patients take a shower?

It is usually not recommended to take a shower for several days after prominent ear surgery. The reason for this is to prevent the surgical site from becoming susceptible to infection.

Can the prominent ear be corrected without surgery?

The most effective method of correcting the prominent ear problem is surgical intervention. Non-surgical methods can be used only in cases of slightly prominent ears and in young children. Some of these methods are bands, hats and some apparatus.

If you or your child have a prominent ear condition, you can contact a medical institution to get more information and have the procedure performed
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