Spec. MD. Şekibe Zehra Doğan
Spec. MD. Şekibe Zehra Doğan
Spec. MD.

Şekibe Zehra Doğan

Liv Hospital Gaziantep
Pediatric Health and Diseases
Areas of Interests
    • Growth and development monitoring
    • Immunisations 
    • Infectious diseases in children
    • Allergic diseases and food allergies
    • Acute and chronic gastroenteritis and treatments
    • Thyroid diseases in children 
    • Short stature
    • Reactive airway disease, atopic dermatitis, asthma bronchiale 
    • Blood diseases in children 
    • Urinary tract infections and treatments

  • Yüzüncü Yıl University Faculty of Medicine / Paediatrics 
  • Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine 



  • Liv Hospital Gaziantep / 2022 - 
  • Private Deva Hospital
  • Hospital of Love 
  • Gaziantep University / Paediatric Haematology / Research Assistant (9 months)
  • Van State Hospital
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