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What Is Check-Up?

What Is Check-Up?

What is a Check-Up?

The most valuable asset of a person is their health. To lead a healthy life and preserve this asset, it is necessary to undergo regular check-ups at intervals. Factors such as environmental pollution, stress, improper dietary habits, and genetic risks threaten a healthy lifestyle and manifest in various diseases. However, with regular check-up screenings, all these risks are minimized, and early diagnosis saves lives.

What Does Check-Up Mean?

Through regular health screenings and check-up centers, in collaboration with Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Research, and Application Clinic, risk analyses are conducted by determining potential risks associated with gender and lifestyle, as well as familial disease risks, and genetic mapping is performed for early diagnosis. Thus, by detailing your family history, early diagnosis opportunities are provided for risky diseases. One of the best answers to the question 'What does check-up mean?' would be its provision of early diagnosis and detection opportunities.

Who Gets Check-Ups?

  • Those aiming for a long and healthy life.
  • Those seeking to learn what needs to be done for it.
  • Those who want to see if they are as healthy as they feel.
  • Those wishing to allocate time for health amidst a busy life rhythm.
  • Those concerned about genetic disorders.
  • Those wanting to catch diseases early for easier treatment.

What is Checked in Women's Check-Up Packages?