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Neuro Check-Up

Neuro Check-Up

A neuro check-up is a health screening to comprehensively evaluate your nervous system.
Neuro Check-Up

It includes your brain, spinal nerves, and peripheral nerves. A neuro check-up is designed to detect any abnormalities or potential problems in your nervous system early. This allows for timely diagnosis and treatment.

Neuro Check Up at Liv Hospital


Like other parts of the body, the nervous system has difficulty performing some functions with aging. The diagnosis of some neurological diseases can only be made when the disease progresses. The aim of Neuro Check Up is to recognize possible malfunctions in the nervous system early and determine prevention / treatment options. It is designed for detailed neurological / neuroradiological and neurosurgical evaluation of individuals over the age of 50, whether or not they have a nervous system-related disease. Neuro Check Up is completed in one day.

Cerebral hemorrhage and stroke are preventable diseases.

Brain tumors can be treated very successfully if diagnosed early.

Therefore, brain check up is of great importance. Liv Hospital Brain Hemorrhage and Brain Tumor Screening Program is carried out comprehensively at Liv Hospital by expert neurosurgeons and neurologists using advanced imaging techniques.

Brain Hemorrhage and Brain Tumor Screening and Protection Program

Brain diseases are becoming more common. While some of these diseases can be easily recognized by the symptoms they give, some can remain asymptomatic for years.

Brain diseases are evaluated in two groups: structural and functional. Signs of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease are easily recognized. However, some structural diseases such as brain tumor or brain-cervical vascular diseases and the resulting aneurysm (brain hemorrhage) cannot be noticed for years until they show symptoms.

When they show symptoms, the resulting picture can be death or paralysis. It is of great importance to have a brain check-up for early diagnosis of structural diseases that can lead to serious consequences. Especially people with a family history of brain tumor, brain hemorrhage or stroke, and those who suffer from severe headaches are in the priority risk group. Early diagnosis is of great importance in the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases and tumors.

With the Liv Hospital Brain Hemorrhage and Brain Tumor Screening Program, those who apply to the program over the age of 30 are subjected to a detailed neurological examination, followed by examination with appropriate imaging methods according to their age and risk group.