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EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a powerful psychotherapy approach.

Do the traumas you experienced in the past sometimes haunt you in your daily life? Even though you travel very often, is every plane journey like a horror movie for you? Are you unable to use vehicles that would make your life easier, such as elevators or subways, and do any closed spaces pose a danger to you?

EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a powerful psychotherapy approach. To date, it has successfully treated approximately 2 million people of all ages for different types of psychological disorders. EMDR; It is used in the treatment of many problems, from trauma to anxiety disorder, from vaginismus to stuttering. The EMDR method, which is based on confronting the bad memory and making peace, gives successful results in just a few sessions.

Liv Hospital EMDR


Liv Hospital EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an effective therapy method used in the treatment of psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). EMDR, offered at Liv Hospital, supports mental health by using eye movements and helps the person cope with traumatic experiences. This method, applied by expert therapists, aims to accelerate the emotional healing process of the individual and improve the quality of life.

What is EMDR, How Does It Work?


Approximately 20 thousand memories are recorded per day. Some of these memories are positive, some are negative, and many are unimportant and neutral. Positive and neutral memories go through the information processing process normally and are stored in memory. Negative and traumatic memories disrupt this process, just like a virus entering a computer. These memories prevent the meaning-making process from functioning normally. Negative memories are not just lived in the past; It still maintains its effect as vividly as if it had happened 'today'.

EMDR is a physiologically based therapy that enables the healthy processing of such memories. During therapy, the right and left hemispheres of the brain are stimulated, allowing the process to be carried out that cannot be done on time. Establishing a relationship between the locked memory and other memory networks is possible by enabling learning and storing information adaptively. The person is no longer disturbed and sees the memory from a new, healthy perspective.

Does EMDR Make You Forget Everything Negative?
EMDR does not make you forget the disturbing, painful memory. However, after therapy, it desensitizes you to all negative emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, anxiety and disappointment felt because of this pain.

How Is Therapy Developing?


In EMDR therapy, an 8-stage, three-way (past, present, future) protocol is applied. The goal is to achieve desensitization by reprocessing past memories, to treat current symptoms, and to enable the person to display behaviors guided by the new perspective developed by the positive beliefs and emotions he or she has gained, in the face of similar problems he or she will encounter in the future. Sometimes it is observed that the problem is solved in a single session, but sometimes it may require longer work.

What Problems Are Treated?


The fact that the majority of psychological and/or psychosomatic disorders are due to unprocessed memories has gradually expanded the field of clinical application and provided efficient and rapid treatment of many problems. As examples of these areas; personality disorders, panic disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, grief, disturbing memories, phobias, pain disorders, eating disorders, performance anxiety, stress management, addictions, sexual and/or physical abuse, body image disorders, sexual dysfunctions, behavioral disorders and self-confidence problems may occur.

Your Daily Life Will Become Easier!


• Even though you have worked hard and achieved the success you want, you observe that as the real exam approaches, you cannot do anything due to high anxiety.

• You have been abandoned by your lover and you cannot stop yourself from reliving that moment all the time.

• You have been exposed to violence and these images have turned your whole life upside down.

• If your mother's critical attitude and words that have been going on for years are ringing in your ears in every new environment you enter and you become unable to move.

• You have had your vertigo treated; But if you locked yourself at home with the fear of 'what if it happens again'

• You are divorced and you cannot get out of your mind the insults you heard in the last period of your marriage.

• If you can't say 'no' and this attitude causes you great trouble every time

• You travel very often, but every plane journey is like a horror movie for you.

• If you cannot use vehicles that will make your life easier, such as elevators or subways, and any closed area like these poses a danger to you.

• If you constantly compare your own success with the success of your colleagues and this creates great anxiety in you

• If you comment 'it's my fault' after every negative event you experience

• You had an accident, after a while everything got better and you recovered, but getting in the car again was your worst nightmare.

• If you have difficulty expressing even what you know best in social environments and prefer to remain silent and sit aside

• If you need the approval of others in everything you do, and your own ideas seem worthless to you.

• I always find the wrong people in bilateral relations; If you say that you cannot maintain your relationships and they always end in a way you do not want, you can find a solution with EMDR.