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Foot and Ankle Surgery

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Foot and ankle surgery is a medical discipline that involves surgical interventions to treat various conditions and problems in the foot and ankle area.
Foot and Ankle Surgery

52 (25 percent) of the 206 bones in our body are located in the feet. These bones are connected to each other by 33 joints in each foot. In addition to these bones and joints, there are many important muscles, tendons, ligaments, vessels and nerve structures around the foot and ankle. Our feet bear 2-3 times our body weight while walking, and 7 times our body weight when we run. Foot and ankle surgery is a medical discipline that involves surgical interventions to treat various conditions and problems in the foot and ankle area. These surgical interventions often target foot deformities, fractures, tendon injuries, nerve compression, tumors and other orthopedic problems. These surgical procedures, performed by expert orthopedic surgeons, are planned to reduce patients' pain, ensure functional recovery and improve their overall quality of life.

Foot and Ankle Surgery at Liv Hospital


At Liv Hospital, foot and ankle surgery is a special treatment service offered by expert orthopedic surgeons. This unit evaluates and treats a variety of conditions in the foot and ankle area. Surgical treatment of foot deformities, fractures, tendon injuries, ankle sprains and other orthopedic problems is performed in this unit. Liv Hospital offers modern surgical techniques and individualized treatment plans to optimize patients' foot and ankle health and help them regain function.

Even if there is no disease, it wears out over time


These two important extensions, which provide human contact with the earth's surface, bear the entire burden of human beings throughout their lives. Therefore, even without a disease in the feet, various disorders may occur over time due to wear and tear and deformities.

There May Be Age-Related Problems


Painful calcifications (cartilage wear) may develop in the joints. Problems due to strain on muscles and tendons are common. The most common sports injury in the world is ligament injuries due to ankle sprain. While there may be congenital problems around the foot and ankle, age, metabolic diseases, rheumatic diseases, diabetes and trauma-related disorders may also occur.

Many Problems Are Treated


Liv Hospital Foot and Ankle Surgery Clinic; It provides services in the treatment of problems such as ankle fractures, foot joints and ankle cartilage problems, diabetic foot, deformities, hallux valgus. The clinic also includes a gait analysis laboratory and computer-aided orthosis applications.

What are the Treatment Areas?


  • Complex foot surgery (adult and child, flat feet, foot deformities, diabetic foot, thumb and finger problems, bone protrusions, bone cysts, rheumatological foot)
  • Ankle surgery (ankle prosthesis application, deformity surgery, fixation surgeries)
  • Arthroscopic and endoscopic surgery (anterior and posterior ankle, Achilles tendon)
  • Sports traumatology (Achilles and other tendons, ligament and cartilage problems, stem cell applications)
  • Traumatology (new and old heel fractures, foot fractures, ankle fractures)
  • Ilizarov surgery (bone lengthening, boiling, deformity correction), compression disorders and personalized insoles)