Foot and Ankle Surgery

Of the 206 bones in our body, 52 (25 percent) are found in the feet. These bones are connected to each other by 33 joints. It has many important muscles, tendons, ligaments and vessels, nerve structure around the bones and joints as well as around the foot and ankle. While walking, 2-3 times our body weight, 7 feet on our feet while running.

These two important extensions, which provide the contact of the human surface with the surface of the earth, take the burden of the whole life. Therefore, a variety of disorders can occur due to wear and deformations over time even without a disease in the feet.

Painful calcifications (cartilage wear) may develop in the joints. Difficulties in the muscles and tendons are common. The most common sports injury in the world is ligament injuries due to ankle sprain. There may be congenital problems around the foot and ankle as well as age, metabolic diseases, rheumatic diseases, diabetes and trauma related disorders.

The Liv Hospital Foot and Ankle Surgery Clinic serves to treat problems such as ankle fractures, foot joints and ankle cartilage problems, diabetic foot, shape disorders, hallux valgus. Clinical walking analysis laboratory and computer aided orthosis applications are also performed in the clinic.

Treatment Areas

  • Complex foot surgery (adult and child, flat footbed, foot deformities, diabetic foot, thumb and finger problems, bone protrusions, bone cysts, rheumatic foot)
  • Ankle surgery (ankle prosthesis application, deformity surgery, fixation surgery)
  • Arthroscopic and endoscopic surgery (anterior and posterior ankle, Achilles tendon)
  • Sports traumatology (achilles and other tendons, ligament and cartilage problems, stem cell applications)
  • Traumatology (new and old heel fractures, foot fractures, ankle fractures)
  • Ilizarov surgery (bone extension, decoction, deformity correction), compression disorders and personalized insoles)

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