Prof. MD. Berna Başarır
Prof. MD. Berna Başarır
Prof. MD.

Berna Başarır

Liv Hospital Ulus
Eye Diseases
  • Uveitis diagnosis and treatment
  • Glaucoma diseases and surgery
  • Cataract surgery
  • Turkish Oftamology Association, 1993
  • Cataract and Refractive Surgery unit active member, 2012
  • Uvea-Behçet's unit active member, 2019
  • Gazi Eye Foundation Scientific Incentive Award for the study titled 'Clinical use of tissue plasminogen activator in the treatment of fibrin membrane after cataract surgery', 2012
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Diplopia in Children
Diplopia in Children

The loss of parallelism and two eyes looking at different directions is called diplopia. 

eye focusing
eye examination
Femto Cataract Laser in Turkey
Femto Cataract Laser in Turkey

You can find detailed information about the femto cataract laser, which is more reliable than traditional eye surgeries, in our article.