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What is Hair Mesotherapy?

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method performed by injecting vitamins, minerals, amino acids and growth factors that nourish hair follicles into the scalp. It reduces hair loss, supports new hair growth and strengthens the hair.
Hair mesotherapy is a non-invasive medical procedure used to treat hair problems such as hair loss and thinning hair. In this method, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are injected into the scalp with a special solution. This process helps to strengthen the hair follicles, stimulate hair growth and make the hair look thicker and healthier. Hair mesotherapy may require several sessions depending on the cause of the person's hair loss and usually has minimal side effects.

PRP hair mesotherapy, which aims to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth by injecting plasma obtained from the person's own blood into the hair follicles, is among the treatment methods.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Performed?

Hair mesotherapy is a medical procedure performed by a specialized health professional. The procedure usually involves the following steps: First, the person's hair condition and needs are assessed. Then, a solution containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients that nourish the hair follicles is injected into specific areas on the scalp. This solution is injected into the scalp through a fine needle or syringe.

What are the advantages of hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is an effective hair treatment that has a number of advantages. Firstly, it makes the hair look healthier and shinier as it directly nourishes the hair follicles with nutritious vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It also offers an effective way to strengthen hair follicles and reduce hair loss. Hair mesotherapy has minimal pain and side effects, so there is a quick recovery after the procedure and you can return to daily activities immediately. 

What are the disadvantages of hair mesotherapy? 

Although hair mesotherapy offers many advantages, it can also include some disadvantages. Firstly, it can take several sessions to see the full effect of the procedure, which means that the treatment process can be lengthy and can increase the cost. Secondly, some people may experience mild pain or tenderness during the procedure, which can be uncomfortable.

Who Can Have Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy can be a suitable treatment option for many people experiencing hair loss or hair thinning.

Generally, the following people can have hair mesotherapy:

  • People with mild to moderate hair loss or hair thinning.
  • People with genetic causes of hair loss (for example, male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness).
  • Those with hair problems due to weakened hair follicles or nutritional deficiencies.
  • Those who want to improve hair health or stimulate hair growth.
  • Those who want to prevent or slow down hair loss.

What is the Difference Between Hair Mesotherapy and Hair Transplantation?

Hair mesotherapy and hair transplantation are two different methods used in hair loss treatment.

Hair mesotherapy: It is performed by injecting vitamins, minerals, amino acids and growth factors that nourish hair follicles into the scalp. It reduces hair loss, supports new hair growth and strengthens the hair.

Hair transplantation: It is the process of transplanting the patient's own hair follicles to balding areas. It is an effective treatment method in cases where hair loss stops completely.

What Should I Pay Attention to Before Hair Mesotherapy?

There are some steps to be considered before and after hair mesotherapy.

What you should pay attention to before hair mesotherapy procedure:

  • Expert Consultation: Before the procedure, you should consult a dermatologist or hair specialist to evaluate your hair health and create an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Medication and Allergies: You should inform the specialist about your medications and allergies, if any.
  • Hair Cleanliness: You should make sure that your hair is clean and oil-free on the day of the procedure, as this helps the injections to be more effective.
  • Fasting Before the Procedure: To reduce pain during the procedure, you may consider eating a light meal before the procedure in consultation with the specialist.

What Should I Pay Attention to After Hair Mesotherapy?

Those who have hair mesotherapy should pay attention to the following points after the procedure:

  • Cleanliness: You should keep the injection areas clean and hygienic after hair mesotherapy. You should follow the care instructions given after the procedure.
  • Sun Protection: After the treatment, you should protect the injection areas from the sun because the skin may become sensitive. It is important to provide protection using sunscreen.
  • Sports and Heavy Exercise: After the procedure, you should avoid excessive physical activity and avoid heavy sports for at least a few days.
  • Alcohol and Smoking: Limiting alcohol and smoking after the procedure can help the healing process.

Recovery Time After Hair Mesotherapy Procedure 

The recovery time after the hair mesotherapy procedure is usually quite fast. There may be some mild redness, swelling or tenderness after the procedure, but this usually goes away within a few hours. The healing process can vary from person to person, but most people can return to their normal daily activities within a few days after the procedure. 

Hair Mesotherapy Prices

Hair mesotherapy prices may vary depending on the geography, location of the clinic or health center, the experience of the specialist who will perform the application and the materials used. It is usually priced depending on the number of sessions and the size of the treatment area. Prices may vary from country to country and clinic to clinic. It is important to contact a health professional or clinic and get specific information to determine the cost of the treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Mesotherapy

Frequently asked questions about hair mesotherapy include information about this treatment method, duration of action and side effects.

Here are some of those questions and answers:

Does hair mesotherapy hurt?

There may be some mild discomfort or pain during the hair mesotherapy procedure, but this is usually bearable. Since the injections are mixed with local anesthetics, the pain is minimal.

Is there any harm in having hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is generally safe when performed by a qualified health professional. However, in rare cases, side effects such as infection, allergic reactions or temporary swelling at the injection site may occur. Therefore, it is important to consult a specialist before having the procedure.

How many sessions does hair mesotherapy give results?

Hair mesotherapy results may vary from person to person. Usually, several sessions may be required and these sessions are usually done over a period of weeks or months. You may need to wait a few weeks to see the first results.

What are the session intervals for hair mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy session intervals may vary depending on the severity of the person's hair problem and the specialist's recommendation. Generally, a period between 2 and 4 weeks is recommended.

Who is hair mesotherapy not suitable for?

Hair mesotherapy may not be suitable for people with certain health conditions or allergies. In particular, it should be carefully considered for women during pregnancy or breastfeeding, those with skin infections, or those with another medical cause of hair loss.

What is home hair mesotherapy?

Performing hair mesotherapy at home may carry health risks and may not be effective without expert supervision. Therefore, it is safer to have medical procedures such as hair mesotherapy under the supervision of a health professional.



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